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Jerry is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard series.


Season 1[]

One Armed Bandits[]

Jerry is a bartender at the Boar’s Nest. As he is getting Daisy some draft beers, Bo and Luke approach the bar asking for a beer. He watches Daisy fight with a customer, accidentally taking out Bo and Luke as well. He gets Luke a rag for Bo as the cousins return to the bar. When Daisy expresses dislike of a customer, he asks her if the man is bothering her. Daisy explains that the man thinks he’s a big shot for unloading a truck of slot machines for the Sheriff. When the customer starts yelling at Daisy, Jerry tells him to sit down or he will have Jerry to mess with if he doesn’t. The man says he will mess with Jerry, but sits down at his table. He waves the man off, unimpressed, and listens to Daisy vent about the customer and finishing her remark of never wanting to see anything bad enough to go out with this man, not even Dolly Parton.

Luke's Love Story[]

While the Citizens of Hazzard are getting excited for the Annual Hazzard Obstacle Derby, Cooter crashes into the Boar’s Nest on a motorcycle. When the owner of the Motorcycle punches Cooter and knocks him over the bar, he puts a draft beer down in front of Cooter to calm him and prevent a fight from breaking out.

He watches a fight break out in the bar between Luke Duke and Turk Foley, unamused. After the fight he returns to work. A few days later he is still working at the bar when a customer, Moss, takes the Derby trophy from Daisy.

Limo One Is Missing[]

He is working at the Boar’s Nest and sees Luke and Cooter trying to get rid of Bo’s hiccups.

Season 2[]

The Meeting[]

Jerry is alarmed when he sees Bo and Luke about to start a fight. When Bo punches Rosco and Rosco falls down, he brushes it off and returns to work.

Dukes meet Cale Yarborough[]

Jerry is working during a busy hour with Daisy.