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Jesse James was a real life outlaw. His fictional counterpart featured in an episode of Dukes of Hazzard.


Jesse James was born to Robert James and Zerelda Cole James on September 5 1847. He would go on to become a notorious outlaw, bank and train robber, and the leader of the James-Younger Gang. After the downfall of his gang he would be killed by Robert Ford on April 3, 1882.


Go West, Young Dukes[]

On June 13, 1872 while passing through Sleepy City, they are hired by Rufus Z. Coltrane to stop the incoming stage couch and ensure anyone named Duke on it did not make it town.

They arrive to a place where they can see the stage coach. When Frank reminds him of the job, he tells him there has been a change in plans. He says the Sheriff let it slip that there is going to be 100,000 in cash on that stage. Frank says that was considerate and he corrects him, saying it was stupid. He tells Frank that they can’t leave witnesses to robbing the stage, Duke or anyone else. Seeing the coach, they move on it. They start shooting after it to get the stage coach’s attention and force the coach to stop. He forces the driver off the coach and tells him to get out the money box. He then calls out saying if there is anyone named Duke in the coach, they are getting out first. Joe Duke gets out, asking how they know his name. He tells him it makes no never mind and tells Joe goodbye before going to kill him. He is stopped when a stranger rides up and Joe hits the gun out of his hand with a whip. He flees with Frank.

As they leave, Frank asks who the new guy was. He admits he doesn’t know but he does know they aren’t giving up on that money.

They arrive at the saloon and he looks over the horse already tied up, telling Frank it looks familiar. He says he’ll bet it belongs to the guy they just met a little. As Frank looks to check, he goes through the saddle bag, finding a letter addressed to Hank Duke. They decide to show it to Hogg. He walks into Hogg’s office, calling for the Sheriff. They startle Rufus and when Thaddeus asks who they are, Rufus insults them and explains they were the guys he hired. He gets angry and Rufus backs down. He clams down when Rufus asks what happened and he says ‘they’ took him by surprise. He hands over the letter to Hogg to show him. He tells Hogg they will take care of the Dukes because they have a score to settle. Hogg tells everyone that he has a plan to deal with the Dukes. Hogg and Rufus leave to frame Hank and tell them not to let Hank leave the bar. Frank asks him if he's going to let Hogg run the show and he remarks he is just letting Hogg bury himself.

The two go downstairs and approach Hank and Dixie, Jesse taking the area behind the bar. He takes a beer while Frank talks to Dixie. When Hank confronts Frank, he says it seems to him Hank is getting a little hot under the collar and he needs something to cool him off before throwing a beer in Hank’s face. Hank pulls him across the bar and hits him in the face. Frank grabs Hank to allow him to hit the man, but Joe announces his addition. Jesse says it’ll be his pleasure and punches Joe in the face but Joe hits him back. Joe then shoves him to Hank and they fight.

Everyone stops when Hogg and Rufus come in. They watch Thaddeus and Rufus confront the Dukes and is surprised when Hank flings him at Rufus as a distraction to allow Joe to flee. He goes after Joe, saying Joe is as good as got. Frank asks why can’t they just go get the money and forget the Dukes. He says that he won’t rest until they kill both Dukes and then they’ll get the money. They shoot at him as he runs and lose sight of him. When they realize Joe is gone, he says ‘the hell with him’ and decides to go get some dynamite.

They return to the saloon with the dynamite and go inside. They blow up the safe and rob the money from inside. When they come outside, Hank yells for them to drop their guns and raise their hands. They freeze but seeing Thaddeus and Rufus returning, they run over to take the two hostage. He tells them if they shoot they will kill Thaddeus and Rufus. When the Dukes put away their gun, they open fire as they leave.

They notice the Dukes are behind them. They urge Rufus to go faster, but the Dukes catch up. Joe jumps on the back and knocks him out, capturing him. He later escapes.