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Jill Rae Dodson is a former resident of Hazzard County who moved away. She returned temporary to rebuild her childhood home.


Jill Dodson grew up in Hazzard County in the Orphanage. She knew the Dukes, having a crush on Bo Duke while younger. She later moved away from Hazzard.

Character Biography[]

One Armed Bandits[]

Jill walks into the Duke Family home, knocking on the kitchen door frame and calling out to Jesse, surprising Bo and Luke who are at the kitchen table. She asks him if he remembers her and that she is with the orphanage fund. Jesse tells her he does and he has some money for her. She goes into the kitchen, thanking him and asking Bo and Luke to excuse the interruption. As Jesse leaves to get the money, Bo asks if she is little Jilly Rae Dodson is disbelief and she tells him it’s just Jill now. He excitedly tells her he hasn’t seen her since she left for College. She agrees it has been a while before moving back to the door. Bo asks her what she’s doing now and she explains that she is working on the orphanage project as the Health Department is going to shut it down if it’s not completely renovated. When asked about the county funds, she explains it’s not eligible for county funds as it was privately endowed years ago. Luke asks if she’s going to save it all by herself and she says that she was raised there. She listens to Bo and Luke argue about helping, Bo wanting to help to impress her and Luke not wanting to. Bo turns his attention to her, asking if she knows what he remembers the most about her. When she asks what he approaches her saying her crush on him. Amused, Jill says ‘Isn’t it funny how our taste changes when we mature’. After Luke starts laughing, Bo asks if that was a compliment and she tells him he will probably think it is.

A few days later Jill is working on the Orphanage steps with Rudy when Bo pulls up. He approaches her, telling her she shouldn’t hit them too hard or the whole place will fall in. She greets him before saying he startled her and Bo tells her she hasn’t seen anything yet before tossing two bags of quarters into her arms. Surprised she catches them and asks ‘what’s that?’ and he tells her money before asking about Rudy. She explains he is her helper and Bo sends him away to get a soda. She puts down the bags asking if he’s kidding and Bo tells her he never kids about money. She asks how he got it and he tells her it was donated ‘by some very civic minded people’. He tells her it’s not much but it’s a start and he’s going to be collecting from them every week. In excitement and gratitude she jumps on him, hugging him and saying that’s wonderful. Bo spins her around before teasing her saying he knew it, it was his money she was after as everyone always said it was his body. She says it’s incredible and he asks if she means his body, to which she corrects him that she is talking about his ego. He tells her he’s been working on it for years. Turning serious, she tells him not to get her wrong and she appreciates it but she knows this is only a game to him. Bo gets offended and she explains that this project is very serious to her and that she had been fighting for two weeks to save the orphanage and the only reason they are being closed down is Boss Hogg wants the land. Bo asks what he wants it for and she tells him a shopping center. Upset she returns to the steps, saying this was her home and it was the best home an orphanage could be. She says he means well and any other time he might be fun but she doesn’t have time for his cute games right now. Laughing, Bo says he does like a woman salty and she gets upset saying he hasn’t been listening. Bo argues that he has and that she left to the big city and came back to save her home. She goes to argue and he snaps that while she has been gone he has been fighting this crooked system every day. She tries to speak again but Bo cuts her off saying he lives there and he chooses that life because he doesn’t think there is anything better out there. He says he will fight anything or anyone who hurts his home and saving the orphanage is part of it. She tries to say she didn’t mean anything but Bo keeps going saying that when he makes a play for a woman he doesn’t have to give her money. He puts the money bags back in her hands and tells her ‘although it does keep her hands busy’. He kisses her and she walks him to the car. They see Rudy spitting soda on the back window of the General Lee and she gives Bo an apologetic smile as he vents that he hates kids.

She later agrees to go on a picnic with Bo and is laying on the ground with him as she holds a bow, expressing that it feels awkward. Bo says that ground will give her back support and she asks if that is really how beginners learn. Bo admits it’s not but he got her to lay down. She laughs before sitting up and asking why did Bo start bow hunting. Bo tells her they didn’t have a choice, with him and Luke on probation they can’t own any fire arms. She asks him why and he tells her that when they run low on food they go hunting because Jesse won’t take any government assistance. Jill asks if Bo is planning to go to the orphanage picnic on Saturday and when he hesitates she insists he has to come. She says it’s the money that he and Luke collected that got them started. Bo thinks for a minute before agreeing, saying it sounds like fun. Turning serious, Jill asks him where all the money is coming from, saying there is so much and it’s always in quarters. He tells her that the true source is a prominent man who would be embarrassed if everyone knew. She concludes he’s a philanthropist and Bo, unsure, says he’s been called everything. Jill sighs and says they still got a long way to go but without this sponsor they wouldn’t even been able to start. She says she would love to thank the man and Bo tells her to love him as he’s the go between. He goes to kiss her and she moves her air in the way. She asks him why he always tries to be funny. He tells her that she scares him to death and they might get complicated. She asks if it would be easier if she says that she is leaving and Bo gets upset as she explains it’s only temporary. Bo turns away asking why she didn’t tell him that and she shrugs asking if it’s important. Bo says it is although he doesn’t know why. He says he always thinks the world goes on his schedule before trailing off. He turns back to her and says he hates that she’s leaving. Intrigued she asks why and he says because she does scare him and not many women do. Jill smiles and they kiss. Bo asks how much time they got and she smiles before throwing his hat saying ‘enough’. The two start to kiss again.

On Saturday at the picnic, she waits with the children until Bo, Luke, and Enos bring Rosco. She runs up to Rosco and hugs him, asking how can they ever thank him for all that he’s done before going back to help the other adults with the children. While at the picnic, she sits with Bo, sharing food. After the picnic, her and Bo head off in the General Lee with Daisy, Luke, and Rudy. She stays around to help the Orphanage for another week before leaving.