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Jim Mathers is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Miss Tri-Counties[]

When the Miss Tri-County Beauty contest is being held, he sponsors Melanie Dubois. He and his men escort her to Hazzard and the register table. He approaches Boss and Rosco, and Boss greets him before shaking his hand. Boss remarks they haven’t seen him in a hounds age but Rosco says they saw him just the other day. He introduces them to Melanie and hands over her entry form. When Melanie and his men leaves Boss asks if he’s got it. He shows Boss the money, saying he has 10 thousand in large bills and has 10 thousand reasons to break every bone in Boss’ body if Melanie doesn’t win that completion. Boss says there is no way she can lose and the only person who can offer any competition is Daisy Duke and he made it so Daisy can’t even enter. He says Boss better have and if Boss doesn’t keep her out of Melanie’s way, he will. He gives Boss the money before leaving.

Hearing a commotion, Jim looks over to see Boss and Rosco scrambling inside. He tells his men and Melanie to wait there while he goes to find out why ‘that fat little rat is deserting the ship’. He takes Melanie’s hand, smiling and kissing it before he rushes inside. He arrives at Boss’ office, just as Boss is trying to close the door. He puts his foot in the door and Boss assumes it’s stuck. He enters the room and Boss politely invites him in before telling Rosco to barricade the door. He fixes his coat as Boss assures him the Dukes can’t get in.

He stands in the office with Boss and Rosco as they hit one minute to the deadline, checking his watch. He nods when Boss says Daisy can’t enter now. He is stunned when a rope drops in the room with Luke, Bo, and Daisy coming in. Daisy enters the contest and leaves. Boss tells him Daisy beat the deadline by seven seconds, enraging him.

He shakes Boss where the man sits in his chair, calling him a ‘welching bucket of blubber’. He grabs the entry form, asking if that is what Boss calls keeping the Duke girl out of the contest. Boss says no. He tells Boss he has a good mind to take back his money and do things his way. He reaches for it but Boss begs him to leave it and that he will ensure Melanie will win and Boss doesn’t want anyone roughed up. He remarks ‘especially yourself’ telling Boss and Rosco that is what is going to happen if Melanie doesn’t win. Jim says Melanie won’t keep him happy if they don’t keep her happy, and if they make her unhappy that makes him unhappy. He adds she better win before fixing Boss’ jacket and leaving.

They go to the Boar’s Nest for the first contest. He watches Melanie get introduced and when Boss says she is sponsored by a distinguished gentleman from out of town who will remain nameless, he proudly adjusts his coat. When Melanie blows a kiss at him, he returns the action. When the contest to assemble a carburetor starts, Daisy comes out first and he stands up, alarmed. Melanie comes out of her booth and furious that she lost, shoves her part in his chest. He goes to Boss, hissing that Boss said he had everything under control before shoving the part at Boss. He says no one welshes on him before storming off after Melanie.

As they gather at the Boar’s Nest to wait for the second event of a race, he claps facing Melanie when they toast for the next Miss Tri-County. He tells her not to worry as he has Boss in his hip pocket. She tells him if not she is leaving.

When everyone is in the vehicles getting ready, he talks to Melanie. He tells her not to worry about it as Boss prepares to start the race, then watches her drive off. Moments later he is furious when Daisy arrives and joins the race.

Daisy arrives back at the Boar’s Nest first, winning. He goes to see Boss and Rosco, saying Boss is going nowhere. He takes Boss’ cigar and tells him that if Melanie doesn’t win the last contest then he’s going to take the $10,000 out of Boss’ hide.

The next day he has his men kidnap Daisy and has a beer with Boss at the Boar’s Nest to celebrate their victory. When Bo and Luke bolted, Boss comments something is wrong. Cletus comes over and tells them that he informed the boys his men has Daisy. He grabs Boss by his collar and tells him he put Boss’ fat in the fire. As Cletus and Rosco leave, he grabs Boss by his front saying ‘you’re in a lot of trouble boy’.

As the contest starts, He gives a thumbs down to MediaWiki:Badtitletext, Miss Riverton County. When Melanie comes out, he grins at Boss. Melanie sits with him after and Boss tries to declare her the winner but Daisy arrives. He glares at Boss when Daisy wins. Melanie dumps a pitcher of beer on his head. After he takes his money back from Boss.