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Jimmy is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard. He replaced Jerry as the bartender for the Boar's Nest.


Season 2[]

Granny Annie[]

While working at the Boar’s Nest, the Oak Ridge boys give an unexpected concert. He greets Luke and Bo as they come in, enjoying it. After Daisy gives him some money to pay for a tray of beers. He thanks her but notices the serial numbers. After checking them he calls over Rosco and shows him they are counterfeit. After the boys leave, Rosco asks him while he’s cleaning glasses if any more counterfeit money was used. He tells him no before returning to work.

Officer Daisy Duke[]

While working at the Boar’s Nest, a fight breaks out. He calls the police and watches unamused. Bo and Luke come in and tell everyone to break it up. When they men don’t he watches the cousins beat up everyone involved and hide all of them behind the bar. He steps over them as he serves the boys beer. Officer Daisy Duke comes in, and not seeing a fight, she leaves.

After hearing Enos on the CB, he goes into Boss’ office telling him that Enos is screaming for him on the police radio and it seems the bank robbers they had in custody escaped.

He attends the ceremony at the Boar’s Nest where Daisy is given a medal from the FBI for her bravery in capturing the bank robbers. Daisy then agrees to return to work at the Boar's Nest

Find Loretta Lynn[]

Boss Hogg tells them all that Loretta Lynn will be passing by the Boar's Nest and has everyone come in early. While at work he is stunned when Loretta doesn't only pass by but stops and comes inside. After he learns she has been kidnapped.

Season 3[]

And In This Corner, Luke Duke[]

Bo, Luke, and Daisy sit with him as Boss has Cletus and Rosco fixing a new wall sized mirror. He is slightly amused by the others antics. He watches Luke fix the mirror on his own, chuckling a little. After Luke returns to the bar Bo asks him to fill up his glass but Daisy tells him not too much. Catfish offers to buy a round and tells Jimmy to get the Dukes round of beers. Jimmy does. He freezes when Catfish spits out his beer and watches Luke and Catfish fight and shatter the mirror.

Later he’s working and is amused when Boss is practicing a speech. He watches Daisy come in before talking to Boss, then Rosco comes in with a shipment of shirts for an upcoming boxing match.

The Late J.D. Hogg[]

After learning Boss is dying, he is ordered to give free beers. Daisy then gets a phone call and they learn that Boss is not dying. He celebrates along with the others.

Baa, Baa White Sheep[]

Luke arrives at the bar and asks him to change his $50 check to pay his and Bo’s tab. Jimmy nods and goes to do it with a wink. However Luke learns the check is no good and he cannot cash it. When Flash barks at Boss, Boss runs over and leaps into Jimmy’s arms, screaming for the dog to go after Luke. He struggles under Boss’ weight.

Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane[]

While working at the Boar’s Nest, Daisy approaches him to tell him Rosco is getting married before pointing out Rosco’s ‘intended’ as Sue Ann.

Jimmy is present for Rosco and Sue Ann’s wedding, standing behind the bar during the ceremony.

After Rosco leaves, he sees Bo and Luke arrive and inform them that Sue Ann is a con-woman and her friends robbed the bank.

The Great Santa Claus Chase[]

Jimmy is working at the Boar’s Nest as everyone prepares for the Christmas season.

State of the County[]

While at work, he listens to the Oak Ridge boys preform 'Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight', drinking a beer.

Duke vs. Duke[]

Jimmy feeds Flash, who was put on the bar by Rosco while he helps Boss with the entry fee for an upcoming race. He then turns to serve a customer.

To Catch a Duke[]

While working he chats with a few patrons. They are told not to serve Rosco as he was a jewel robber.

After Jesse puts out an announcement for everyone to listen to their CB’s, he turns the one on in the bar for him and the patrons. They hear the jewel thieves admit to Bo, Luke, and Rosco’s innocence.

By-Line, Daisy Duke[]

He listens to a concert put on by Dottie West before getting behind the bar again to work.

Bye, Bye, Boss[]

After they learn Digger Jackson is free, he is among the group that Boss asks for help in protecting him. No one accepts.

As he continues to work, Digger Jackson enters the bar. He and the others watch in shock as the man kidnaps Boss Hogg and tells them of the ransom he wants.

Later he serves the various patrons and listens to Jesse scold Deke for talking bad about Boss Hogg.

After Boss is saved, he attends a Freddie Fender concert standing in the back with his date.

The Great Hazzard Hijack[]

After the excitement for the Hazzard Hijack from five years ago is solved, he works at the Boar's Nest listening to Roy Orbison sing Pretty Woman.

Season 4[]

Mrs. Daisy Hogg[]

Jimmy is working at the Boar’s Nest when Daisy and Jamie Lee Hogg come in and announce their intention to marry. He watches everyone have a negative reaction to the news.

Double Dukes[]

While working at the boar’s Nest, he sees two men start messing with Daisy. Cooter quickly interjects and a bar fight breaks out between the two men and Cooter. He watches as Bo and Luke arrive and take over the fight. He ducks when Luke throws one of the men behind the bar. He helps Luke get the man out from behind his bar until Rosco comes in and shoots out a chandelier, ending the fight. Boss tells Rosco not to arrest anyone. Boss announces for free beer for everyone and he begins serving, despite being surprised.

Diamonds in the Rough[]

While working at the Boar’s Nest, all the electronics suddenly go haywire and start dumping money on the ground. When the cash register opens, Boss dives over the bar to protect it. He quickly helps Boss back to his feet. Boss then shoves him back from the cash register telling him to get away. After everything calms down, he starts cleaning up.

10 Million Dollar Sheriff: Part 1[]

After Boss challenges Rosco to a poker game, he watches Rosco win and take everything Boss owns. After Rosco, now the owner of the Boar's Nest, orders that everyone present can have beer at half price. He is swamped with customers and begins serving. Afterwards he congratulates Rosco on the win.

Later Boss Hogg takes the Boar's Nest back from Rosco.

Trouble At Cooter's[]

While at work, he is talking to a patron when Russ Mitchell pays him for his beers and leaves.

Hughie Hogg Strikes Again[]

While at work, he watches Buck Owens sing 'I got a Tiger by the Tail'.