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Jo Jo, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Undercover Dukes Part 1[]

When Mary Beth decides to get into racing, she wants to contract Bo Duke to be her driver. Anna Louise and JoJo head to Hazzard with her. He drives the motorhome as the girls watch a tape of Bo Duke racing.

After arriving at the Boar’s Nest, he parks and carries Mr. Jones, the chimp, inside while opening the door for Mary Beth and Anna Louise. Daisy approaches him, saying Mr. Jones is so cute and asking if he’s friendly to which the chimp climbs over on her. Daisy shows them all to a table and they all sit down. Daisy returns Mr. Jones, saying they don’t see too many of those in Hazzard. Mary Beth asks for Bo and Luke and Daisy leaves to call them. He and Mr. Jones share popcorn.

After a few minutes, Daisy returns with Bo and Luke and Mary Beth introduces them all as her assistants. They shake the boys hands. Mary Beth sends him to the bar to get Mr. Jones milk. Annoyed, he does so.

He sits in the motor home, playing checkers with Mr. Jones while Anna Louise and Mary Beth watch. When Mr. Jones bangs on the table he glares at the chimp and Mary Beth scolds Mr. Jones. When Carver says to head into the Boar’s Nest, he picks up Mr. Jones and follows the girls out.

He hears Bo and Luke come to the motor home, telling the girls that they will drive for them. Luke comments he hopes none of their blood gets shed in the cause of winning. He goes inside, saying he’s glad Luke said that as it’s dangerous at the race track.

Jojo waits with Anna Louise and Mary Beth as Bo and Luke arrive to the Carver estate, holding Mr. Jones. Mary Beth tells him to get the boys bags, but they insist they got it. Once the boys are in the trailer, he heads to the house with Anna Louise.

They go out to the track and watch Bo do a lap in the race car, going around a number of obstacles. Carver arrives and informs them that he had arranged for a picnic lunch by the swimming pool.

Under Carver’s orders, he waits until Bo and Luke are busy to go into the trailer and look around. He hears Anna Louise yelling for Luke and turns to see Luke running at the trailer. He rushes out and tries to flight Luke, but Luke beats him down. Anna Louise pulls them apart, yelling for them to stop and adding if Mr. Carver finds out they will all be gone. She asks what it’s all about and he tells her to ‘ask you’re new boyfriend’. She asks Luke and Luke says it’s a misunderstanding before he walks away.

That night he sees Luke sneaking around the estate and puts a gun to Luke's back, telling him to hold it where he is.

Undercover Dukes Part 2[]

He tells Luke he knew him and Bo were up to something and he hopes Mr. Carver gives him the opportunity to find out exactly what it is. He then tells Luke to move, addressing him as lover boy and pushing him to which Luke tells him to take it easy with the gun. He knocks at Carter’s office and when asked who it is, he says it’s Jojo and it’s important. When they are told to come in, he has Luke go first. He tells Carver he caught Luke sneaking around but Luke refuses to talk until the gun is put away, which Carter orders him to do. Luke says they are pulling out because he caught ‘this clown’, which angers Jojo, searching the motor home and they won’t stay where they aren’t trusted. Carter asks if that is how it is and he admits that he was in the motor home. Carter apologizes to Luke and Luke agrees to stay before he leaves but not before saying he owes him one. After Luke is gone, Carter calls him a fool and he says he was told to check them out real good. Carter reminds him that he didn’t tell Jojo to get caught. He is told to get out and he leaves.

Saturday morning Bo does a lap in the car at the Carver property when he spins out. They all rush to see what happened, Jojo carrying Mr. Jones. Luke announces Bo hurt his arm and needs ice before it swells up too much. Mary Beth takes the boys up to the house and he goes to follow but Anna Louise tells him to stay there with her as he has caused enough trouble.

When Bo and Luke leave to pick up a distributor cap in town, he follows them. The boys suddenly take off, going around a station wagon and he is forced to reveal himself to the boys as he follows. Luke goes off road and he continues to follow but is forced to stop at the edge of a lake. Rosco and Boss hit him from behind, pushing his car into the water.

He has a tow truck come and pull him out of the water. After paying the man he gets back in his car and prepares to look for the boys only to see the car who ran him into the water swerve off the road behind him and stop on the water edge. Angry at them for earlier, he backs up his car to knock theirs in the water. He yells ‘that makes us even fatso’ and drives away.

Mary Beth, Anna Louise, Jojo, Carver, and Jojo go to see Bo, Luke, Herky and the team before the race starts. When it does start, he leaves for the house with Bender and Carver.

After walking Carver and Bender out, he returns to the pit to notice Luke was missing. He asks Herky where Luke is and is told he went to call his Uncle. Noticing Luke has been gone too long, he sees a teen talk to Bo during a pit stop. He approaches the kid, demanding to know what he told Bo. Hearing the message of ‘they are meeting right now at the house’ he realizes Bo and Luke are onto them and leaves to chase after Luke.

He arrives at the estate to find Luke, Boss, and Rosco. He pulls a gun on the three of them, telling to hold it where they are. He then tells Luke to hand over the camera, which Luke does. He tells them all to move, addressing Boss as fatso before directing them toward Carver’s office. Once in the house he leaves Luke and the others with a guard to go get Carver. He, Carver, and Bender return and Carver orders him to tie up the three and then go to the race to kill Bo when the race ends.

He arrives at the track to see Bo’s car in the pit without a driver and a car crash occurring. He asks Anna Louise where ‘blondie’ is and she says he is talking to his kin. She asks why and he promises to tell her later but says for now he needs to keep blondie in his sights. He goes to look but Jesse Duke accidently knocks a number of tires on him. Meanwhile ‘Bo’ gets in the race car and drives off.

Bo makes an unscheduled pit stop, confusing them but doesn’t explain anything on why he’s suddenly dropping back to third. As the race continues, Jesse tells everyone that Bo is building up for a big finish and he says ‘you’re right about that old man.’

When Bo wins the race, he prepares his gun to shoot Bo. As the others help Bo out of the car he is suddenly tackles from behind. He wrestles with the person, surprised  to see Bo and realizing the driver was someone else. Bo knocks him out and he is arrested by the FBI.