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Joe is an antagonist from the series Enos.


Snow Job[]

While working on a suburban engine, he hears someone call him grease monkey and looks up to see Sue Ann. He happily greets her, hugging her and asking when she got back. She says she just got there and asks if he would be an angel and give the truck a once over. He agrees and she heads inside, him calling after her and saying only if she asks him to a dance later which she agrees. As soon as Sue Ann is inside with Dolly, he lifts the cab of the truck and pulls out a tube filled with cocaine. He locks the cocaine in his tool box before going to a payphone. He calls Mr. Dixon and asks how he’s doing before saying the first load came in. He says another load is coming in on Thursday and he’ll get everything together for Mr. Dixon to pick them up at one time.

Later he sees Sue Ann’s truck and a pickup in the middle of the parking lot. He calls out to Sue Ann, saying they need to get the rigs out of the way as they are blocking traffic. Sue Ann agrees and he walks away. When the rigs don’t move he comes back to see Enos and Turk. He hits the truck to get their attention before telling them that he thought he told them to move the ‘rig’. Enos says they will do it right away and he gives them a forced smile.

He finishes getting the Solo Pony ready for the next load and Sue Ann asks if it’s all set. He says ‘all set Wonder Woman’. She tells him if he doesn’t stop calling her that she is going to kill him. He suggests she kisses him to death and she lightly punches his shoulder. He leaves to go back to work.

While working on a rig’s engine, Turk approaches him commenting it’s a nice rig he got there. He dismisses him saying ‘yep’ and Turk remarks it gets pretty wild around there at night. He remarks they have a few laughs before asking Turk to hand him a box end wrench from the tools. When Turk can’t figure it out and picks up another tool, he corrects him saying ‘no, no, the one on the left’. Turk gives him the correct tool and he thanks Turk, giving him a few odd looks before going back to work.

After a few moments he asks how long has Turk been on the road. Turk says he got his ticket right out of high school, but he’s been out of it for a couple of years. Joe asks where his redneck friend today and Turk asks if he’s got something against color, making him laugh. He asks ‘me?’ and Turk admits Enos is with the Solo Pony. Angry he stands up asking if Turk means Sue Ann. Turk confirms it and he gets down, wagging the wrench at Turk and saying for him to give his pal a message from him. He says for them to stay away from Sue Ann as he has plans for her. They are startled when a large number of cops arrive. When Turk asks what is happening, he suggest Dolly just didn’t pay her tickets before walking off and hiding.

After Sue Ann returns he goes to the truck, lifting up the cab to get the next load of cocaine. After he takes it to his tool box and locks it up. He then calls Mr. Dixon and informs him that he can take the delivery tomorrow, the same as usual before hanging up.

After buying a drink at the bar, he notices Sue Ann and Enos together. Annoyed, he goes over, pushing through a few patrons, and greeting Sue Ann by putting an arm around her. He asks to dance and she declines saying maybe later. He asks what Sue Ann means and Enos says he reckons that she mean’s a little bit later, addressing him as ‘Sir’. He looks up at Enos and says ‘I’m talking to Sue Ann, Sir’ giving Enos an attitude. He asks what she’s doing and she announces she’s dancing with Enos, getting up and walking away. He sees them dancing and pulls Enos back, saying he’s cutting in. Enos says it’s alright with him if it’s alright with Sue Ann. He snaps that he makes the decisions. He tries to grab Sue Ann but she tells him to lay off. Enos says they’ll be done in a minute and for him to sit down. He grabs Enos’ jacket and when Sue Ann protests he shoves her back. Enos says that is his new coat and he punches Enos but hurts his hand. Enos tells him that was his new belt buckle before picking him up and tossing him out. He says he’ll see Enos around and Enos tells him goodnight. He walks away and Enos says to have a nice evening.

The next day he sees Mr. Dixon arrive. He grabs the toolbox with the cocaine and carries it into the bathroom. After leaving it in there, he goes back to the cars. However when he sees Enos and Turk follow Mr. Dixon he heads back to the bathroom. He comes in with gun drawn, saying ‘how’s it going brah’ before telling them to put their guns down. When they do, he has Turk move to the other side of the room by Enos before shoving Enos back into a stall. Mr. Dixon stops him and says for them to go. Joe says for him to get out of there. He then turns to Turk saying he doesn’t know what a box end wrench is, revealing he knew they weren’t truckers. He takes the guns and pulls the door closed. After tossing the guns away he locks them in the bathroom. He says for Dixon to leave his car and they’ll take Joe’s.

They drive away but are followed by the officers in a pickup. He tries to go off road but Enos overtakes him. In an effort to avoid the pickup he flips the car. He is arrested.