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Joe Duke is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


After receiving a letter from Jeremiah Duke asking for help to protect the farm from Thaddeus Hogg, he contacts his cousins Hank and Dixie and they work out a plan to help.


Go West, Young Dukes[]

June 13, 1872. He takes the stage coach with Dixie, knowing Hank would be following. While riding together, Dixie says she bets he’s a real lady-killer. He takes out his cigar as he laughs, telling her he does like a lot of ladies but he likes a lot of life in his ladies. As they ride the stage coach is attacked by two men, forcing them to pull over. When the men yell for anyone named Duke to get out, Joe climbs out of the coach before asking how they know his name. Jesse James goes to kill him but is stopped by the arrival of Hank. Joe takes a whip and hits the gun out of Jesse’s hand. As the men run off, the horses get spooked and run. He comments Dixie is still in there and Hank pulls him up on his horse to go after it. As they get close he pulls himself on the stage and pulls the reins to calm the horses.

They bring the coach back and when he’s thanked he tells them not to mention it. He talks to Dixie and Hank. He says Hank was right and they knew a Duke was on the stage. He lights a cigar and he asks Hank if he thinks they figured he was a Duke but Hank says no. Dixie decides that she will be a saloon girl and Hank will be a drifter to hide their identities. Joe says they already know he’s a Duke so he’ll go with their Uncle and Aunt. Hank says with luck, they’ll think Joe was the only one to show. As they decide to hit the road again, he pats Hank’s back and says ‘come on girl’ before they get in the coach.

When they arrive, Joe gets out to see Jeremiah and Jenny saying ‘howdy’ before helping Dixie out and saying it was a pleasure to ride with her, which she responds in kind. He then turns to Jeremiah saying he must be his uncle before shaking his hand. He then looks to his aunt saying ‘an this fine young lady’s gotta be Aunt Jenny.’ Jeremiah says he looks too much like his father not to be Joseph, which he says ‘yes Sir I am.’ He is introduced to Jeeter Davenport and shakes his hand. He introduces Dixie to them as a young lady looking for work.

They are approached by Thaddeus and Rufus and Jenny introduces him to them. Thaddeus says he’s pleased to meet him and shakes his hand to which he says ‘me too Mr. Hogg’ before adding he’s heard so much about him. His uncle tells him to count his fingers to be safe. Jeremiah introduces him to Rufus and Rufus says he’s the fastest gun in the west, but he pulls his gun out and has it pointed at Rufus before he can. Rufus corrects himself saying he’s the second fastest and Joe puts his pistol away. Rufus welcomes him to Sleepy City and says it’s the gateway to the promised land but Dixie says someone went and broke that promise. He explains that they were held up by two men who attacked them. When Thaddeus thanks him and says they run a clean town, he remarks it’s more like someone cleaned it out than cleaned it up. Jenny cuts him off saying they should go to the farm. When Thaddeus says he hopes nothing else terrible, besides the barn burning, happens to the Dukes and Joe says he’s going to stick around to see that it doesn’t. He then tells Dixie that he hopes it is alright if he comes calling on her later. He says it was nice to meet them, saying goodbye to Mr. Hogg, Sheriff, and Jeeter before leaving with his aunt and uncle. He remarks the sheriff and Mr. Hogg are quite a pair. He climbs on the back of the wagon and they leave.

As they sit for tea and pie, he explains he is not the only one there, and as a matter of fact Dixie and Hank are both in town. Jenny asks that he means the girl from town and he confirms saying she’s their niece, his cousin, and she only wanted the job at the saloon so she could maybe listen in on his plans. When asked about Hank he says he should be arriving in town about now, pretending to be a drifter just passing through. Jeeter says if the two who attacked them are who he thinks they are, then Hank is just as likely to get shot. He says he wouldn’t worry much about that and that the two of them won’t be showing their faces in town, especially not after they tried to rob the stage once. Jeeter insists that they could be the James brothers. Confused he asks that Jeeter means Frank and Jesse James, which he confirms. He says he doesn’t believe they would work for Hogg but Jeeter says they will do anything for any price. Jenny and Jeremiah say they need to leave and Joe says ‘no Sir’ saying that if he knows his cousins, and he believes he does, then they’ll stand pat. However he does need to get into town to tell them what they are dealing with. He thanks Jenny for the pie before leaving.

After arriving at the saloon he quickly ties his horse before going inside. He sees Jesse and Frank approach Hank and Dixie and shakes his head as he decides to wait by the door. He lights a cigar as Hank confronts Frank. He moves to stand by Dixie when Jesse confronts Hank. When Jesse and Frank gang up on Hank, he asks ‘you gentlemen care to make it two against two?’ Jesse hits him in the face but he barley reacts, hitting Jesse back. When Hank asks if he is ready to change partners, he says he thought he’d never ask. Frank gets him in the stomach and breaks a chair on him. He manages to get the upper hand and finishes a drink on the bar.

Everyone stops when Hogg and Rufus come in. He listens in surprise when Rufus and Thaddeus claim that Hank stole a horse from them. He’s further surprised when Thaddeus orders for him to be arrested as well as a suspected accomplice. Dixie gives him his hat back and while Hank makes a distraction, he bolts. He gets on his horse and is chased by the James brothers. They shot at him and he shoots back. He hides along the way and when the James brothers are past he heads back to help Hank.

He arrives at the saloon as Thaddeus and Rufus leave. He ties out his horse, keeping an eye on Thaddeus and Rufus, before going inside and calling for Dixie, saying ‘girl we gotta talk’. Dixie explains the bartender is outback and they were framed good. He takes off his coat, agreeing and saying he needs to figure out a way to get Hank out of that jail if he has to blast it. Dixie says he won’t have to and tells him to sit down. Surprised, he does. He listens’ to her plan to free Hank.

He goes over to the blacksmith’s and waits with Jeeter and Dixie. When Hank arrives he comments ‘hey, looks like jail food agrees with you’ before patting his stomach.  As he puts on his coat they all hear an explosion. When Dixie remarks good luck to the robbers and that it isn’t their concern, he reminds everyone that the money isn’t Hogg’s and is headed to Atlanta. Hank tells Dixie and Jeeter to cover them so he and Joe can go up to the roofs. He an Hank climb up to the roofs and head toward the saloon. They see Jesse and Frank come out. Hank tells them to freeze but they rush Thaddeus and Rufus, who just returned. He puts away his gun and takes shelter as the James brothers shoot at him. Dixie brings over his horse and he jumps down onto it.

They chase after the wagon and when they catch up, he jumps onto the back. He hits Jesse, knocking him down. He knocks Jesse out, capturing him and shakes Hank’s hand in victory. Thaddeus returns the farm to the Duke’s in thanks.