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Joe Hatcher is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Legacy[]

While on the way to Hazzard, he calls Boss on the phone saying they are headed to see him and they are willing to pay his price for the shine. Boss tells him he was about to sell the shine to one of his competitors. Hatcher tells him he ain’t got any and if it isn’t as good as Boss says it is then he is liable to wind up the river in cement shoes. Boss assures him he will have the shine ready for him at three and Hatcher hangs up.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest and go into Boss’ office. Boss asks what are they doing there today and he says they figured they would all sleep a lot easier if they took the shine off Boss’ hands here and now. Boss says he wasn’t supposed to make delivery until tomorrow and he hasn’t got it there and now. When Blaine asks if he believes that, he says it looks like he’s got to before getting in Boss’ face and adding ‘considering Boss knows I’ll break every bone in his fat head if anything, and I mean anything fouls up’. Boss says nothing will and he says it better not as they will sample each and every one of the barrels. He gives Boss a mock salute as they leave.

The next morning he waits by the road. When Boss drives by he follows him. When Bo and Luke are talking to Boss, Cletus, and Wilbur, he sneaks up to the pickup with all nine barrels of shine and steals it. He attempts to hit the entire group on his way out but they all get out of the way. In his escape he nearly hits a motorcycle.

He meets up with Blaine and they move all the shine from the pickup to their van. They pack up and head out. They run the Dukes off the road. As he drives he sees the Dukes catch up again. He remarks they will never shake them and to throw something in front of the boys. When Blaine says all they got is the shine and he tells Blaine to use it as it’ll be cheaper than the ten years if they are caught. As Blaine throws them out, he tells him to toss another one. He sees a jeep in the road and turns to avoid it, flipping the van. He climbs out and seeing the boys he checks on Blaine before deciding to run. Bo tackles him to the ground. He manages to get the upper hand and starts punching Bo in the face. Bo manages to stop him and hit him hard, knocking him down and out. He is arrested by Wilbur.