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Joe Landis, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard. According to his wanted poster he is 6 foot 3 inches with red hair and blue eyes. He is wanted for Armed Robbery and Hijacking in seven states.


A Little Game of Pool[]

While watching the General Lee on a hill with Don, Don shows him a radar gun clocking the General and he is impressed, informing Boss Hogg that the General went from 25 to 55 in 2 ½ seconds. Boss assures them that with the General Lee, there is no sheriff alive that could catch them. Boss says add that to their little black book that holds all the information about the payrolls then they can have all the payrolls. He says the sooner they get the car the sooner they are in business.

They sneak over to the Duke Farm and while the Dukes are distracted, get into the General and drives away. As he drives they are pursued by Vance, Coy, and Daisy in Dixie. Don tells him the road is out and when he asks what are they going to do, Joe says to leave it up to the car. After jumping over the construction and getting a lead on the Dukes, Rosco pulls them over and asks what are they doing. When he tries to get them to keep going, the Dukes arrive. He gets out of the General and into Rosco’s car.

Rosco takes them to the station and locks them up while the Dukes are there. After Boss chases the boys out, he and Don remind Boss of their deal. Boss and Rosco assure them that Rosco will get the car.

The next morning, they are bailed out by Boss Hogg. He meets them on the side of the road, putting paint and sprayers in their car and tells them to go to the field he told them about and set everything up. When Boss says they will paint the General, he asks if they had any particular color to which Rosco tells him lavender and Boss says black. Boss tells them that after every job they will repaint the General to another color so no one will know what car to look for.

After Rosco arrives with the General, they repaint the car black. Rosco celebrates, saying no one will suspect they are working together, but Don points out Enos, Vance, and Coy coming up the road. They decide to flee in their car. When Rosco asks ‘what about me’ he pushes him aside, asking ‘what about you?’ and they drive off. Don says they can’t outrun the General, and he hands over a gun telling Don that they can’t outrun that. They turn at a fork and lose the General. However they come up to a construction site and try to jump it but flips the car instead. They are arrested by Rosco and later Enos locks them in the county jail.