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Joe Ward, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Sometime late in 1983, he buys out Darcy Kincaid's business. He does continue Darcy's work of teaching Daisy, even getting her started on crop dusting.


High Flyin' Dukes[]

He starts teaching Daisy how to crop dust. While flying with Daisy, he watches her do a row from the back and tells her to make sure she gives herself plenty of room to pull up before she gets to the woods at the end of the field. He laughs when Daisy signals that she heard him. When Daisy pulls up he tells her it was good and to get ready to bank to make her next approach. He tries to tell her to keep her eye on the field but he suddenly had stomach issues, he passes out.

He wakes up as Bo and Luke get him on a stretcher and Daisy says everything is going to be alright. He tells her it’s not as there isn’t a farmer in Hazzard who’s not depending on him to dust their field. Luke asks about Capitol City and she says all the dusters are booked. He adds that without the job he can’t make payments on his new plane or the doctor bills. Daisy tells him she will fly the plane and Bo and Luke will handle the orders. He is loaded in the ambulance and he thanks them, saying they don’t know what this means to him. He is taken to the hospital.

At the hospital they confirm he was having appendicitis and remove his appendix. He spends a week in the hospital after the surgery.

After recovering, he returns to work, even waving at the Dukes as he dusts their farm.