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Joey Bryan, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


A long time friend and backup driver to Petey Willis, Joey gets invited to go with him for his comeback race in the Atlanta 500. However he becomes concerned as Petey participating in the race will lose a bet he and Emma made. He decides Petey cannot participate in the race no matter what.


Welcome Back, Bo 'n' Luke[]

While on their way to Atlanta for the Atlanta 500, Petey, Sarah Ann, and Joey stop at the Boar’s Nest where Daisy Duke serves them drinks. Two young men approach them who Petey recognize as Bo and Luke Duke. Petey introduces him and he shakes the boys hands. When Bo and Luke admit they retired from the circuit, Sarah Ann says she wishes Petey would retire. When Luke points out he is retired, he corrects Luke saying he was retired and he supposes the barn got too small for Petey. He asks if the boys know a good mechanic to fine tune Petey’s car, and Bo recommends Cooter Davenport who Petey agrees to go see. He remarks that ‘that does it’ before excusing himself to confirm the reservations in Atlanta.

He calls Emma, telling her she can stop worrying as they won’t lose the bet as some hicks ‘just opened a door to the vault, only they don’t know it yet’. He continues to talk until he sees Petey and Sarah Ann are ready to go before hanging up.

While in town, he goes to Rhuebottom's and gets some rubber hose. As he exits the store, Bo and Luke see him and Bo calls out to him but he ignores him.

When everyone leaves the Garage he sneaks in. He replaces the high performance lines with the rubber hose.

They go out to C.W.’s and prepare for the race. As they get ready to start, he gets in Jesse’s pickup with him to watch the cars. After a bit he hears a siren and looks back to see Rosco and Enos. He is alarmed when Jesse starts swerving to block the two, but the officers go around. A moment later he watches them crash into each other and run themselves off the road.

They catch up to the others to learn that Petey was hurt in an accident and he helps gather materials to make a stretcher.

At the hospital, the doctor says that Petey has a fighting chance. He watches Sarah Ann blame Cooter for the incident. He quickly excuses himself for ‘coffee’.

He goes to see Petey and Sarah Ann in the hospital when he overhears Bo and Luke tell Sarah Ann that they know he was the one to cause the accident. Sarah Ann tells them about his bet. Luke notices him and he runs. When the boys chase him into the hall, he shoves a stretcher at them before going to the pickup and driving off. He drives down the road, causing other vehicles problems to slow down Bo and Luke, effectively losing them.

He stops on the road, planning to cause the boys to wreck. He takes a can of gas and covers the road in it before lighting it on fire. Bo and Luke drive over it and he goes in the other direction. The boys spot him and restart the chase, however he loses them again.

Down the road he sees Bo and Luke coming toward him, blocking the road. He stops the pickup and gets out and runs before stopping to throw a tree at them. He gets onto the train and when the boys come looking he tries to drop a tarp on them, nearly hitting Bo. He runs on the top of the train with Bo climbing up and chasing him. He jumps down to a lower car and when Bo follows he hides behind a piece of cargo before swinging a board at Bo. When he misses he runs again. He trips on some tarps and Bo grabs him, hauling him up. He punches Bo in the face, knocking him down. Before he can do anything else Luke leaps onto him and knocks him out.

He is arrested and imprisoned in Atlanta.