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Joey Sagalo is a minor character who appeared in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Repo Men[]

Joey is the leader of a group of counter fitters who is under the employment of Abe Serino, a racketeer.  He and his team are making plates for counterfeit money. He decides to buy a Rolls from Ace Parker before returning to the cabin they are using in Hazzard and making adjustments to the car. He creates a compartment to keep the plates in. While working on it he sends Big John away to take the guard dog into the house. His girlfriend tells him that he’s already got two cars and they shouldn’t have bought the Rolls as well. He asks why not, saying he didn’t even pay half of what it’s worth. When she says they should have stolen it, he says Abe would bury him if he showed up with a stolen car. He tells her that it will be a good place to hide the plates and she remarks that it will attract attention. He gets out of the car, putting his arm around her and telling her that cops don’t hassle people in a Rolls as they look too important.

He enters the house to see Manny, asking if the plate is up to his standards as he looks over the man’s handiwork. He tells Manny that Abe will be calling and Manny tells him to order some ink.

Later he is checking on Manny again when Big John informs him there are two boys at the gate. He goes to look, seeing Bo and Luke, and says they are just hicks and to ignore them. A few moments later Big John yells that the farmers are stealing the car and he and the others run to the door. Seeing Bo and Luke run from the dog and leap over the fence, he decides it would be best to chase after them and orders Manny to get the dog as they head into the woods.

When they can't find the boys, he has the Rolls moved into the barn where Manny makes an alarm on the door. The others assure him the car will be protected.

He calls Abe, assuring him that everything will be alright and that the plates will be safe. After he hangs up, they hear the barn alarm go off and they run outside. He tells Manny to get his car and he and John shoot at Luke and Cooter as they escape with the Rolls. He runs to his car, calling John to hurry up as John goes inside to get a shot gun before tearing off after Luke. As he drives, Bo rams into the back of his car with the tow truck before pulling along side him and tearing the car apart. He tries to swerve but Bo takes apart the other side of the car to his frustration. Bo forces him off the road, causing him to wreck.

The next morning he arrives with his team to Ace’s and demands to know where the Rolls is. They are stunned to find the car was crushed and when Rosco sees the counterfeit plate they are alarmed. Rosco threatens to call the FBI and they flee the county.