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John is a minor reoccurring character on the Dukes of Hazzard.


Season 5[]

Dukes Strike it Rich[]

While working at the bar, Jesse Duke comes in wearing a fancy suit, telling on of the patrons to put their money away as drinks are on him. He shrugs and nods, accepting that. Moments later, Vance and Coy come in wearing nice clothes and Daisy comes in wearing a fancy red dress. Vance hands him a gold nugget, commenting ‘this ought to cover it’. He asks what is it and Daisy says it’s real gold. Jesse takes it back saying it’s too much for him and gives him some money saying to use that. He does.

The Hazardgate Tape[]

While working at the Boar's Nest, he watches a Mel Tillis concert, clapping along and having fun. He watches Boss rip up Mel Tillis' ticket and toss it on the ground. He is highly amused when Enos gives Boss a ticket for littering.

A Little Game of Pool[]

John witnesses the pool game between Jesse Duke and Boss Hogg while serving drinks at the bar.

Daisy's shotgun wedding[]

While serving drinks, he is startled when the Beaudry’s approach, throwing his customers aside to sit at the bar. He serves the three drinks.

After a bit one of the three, Milo, tries to grab Daisy. Bo starts a fight and he watches Bo get beat up by Milo and Luke take on Sledge until Rosco stops the fight. Daisy becomes angry, yelling that she can handle herself and to prove it, shatters a glass pitcher on Milo’s head.

Season 6[]

Boss Behind Bars[]

He is working at the Boar's Nest, having a full house due to the annual Ridge Runners Old-timers race. He sees Bo and Luke come in and Daisy playfully try to hit Luke in the head with a tray. After he hears Bo review the route for the race. When finished, they all go outside and watch the race start. He listens to Bo Duke's commentary until Jesse crashes.