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John Henry is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Southern Comfurts[]

While on their family farm, his mother calls for Jesse. When he arrives he happily runs over to greet him. He shakes Jesse’s hand and Jesse says he’s grown up. He listens to Jesse be told the company will buy their property for a quarter of a million dollars in shock.

After selling the property and being paid, they head to Savannah but choose to stop to see the Duke Family first. After they arrive he gets out of the car before shaking Bo’s hand, then Daisy’s and Luke's. Inside the Farm House they give the Duke’s gifts. Bo calls out to him to tell him he thinks the clock is broken. John Henry sits down next to Bo and explains that it’s because it tells the time all over the world. He says if someone asks Bo what time it is in China he can just tell them right away. Bo nervously agrees. When Holly gives Jesse his gift, he and Bo laugh together about the mink coat. They are all interrupted when Boss Hogg arrives announcing his intention to have Bo and Luke arrested. Holly tells him to bring her her purse, which he says ‘okay mom’ before running to get it. Rosco comes in and Boss throws him outside. With his mother smoothing everything over, Boss and Rosco leave.

When Lori, Bo, and Luke return from a trip to town they tell the others that the money was stolen. He asks his mom what are they going to do. Holly says they will think of something. He sits with Jesse as the others start talking about finding the money. He suggests that whoever stole the car doesn’t know about the money in the trunk and Daisy says 'yet'. They decide to look for the car and Jesse says for him to go with Daisy to Plattsborough. As he gets in the Jeep with Daisy, Iggins asks to come with and he tells him to hop in.

When Daisy drives and asks how Iggin’s is doing, John Henry explains to her that Iggin’s is saying he’s hanging in there. After Daisy gets a call from Luke she tells him that they are going to ‘put the pedal to the floor and look some more’ to which he cheers. Daisy pulls over a gray sedan and they run up to the car to see a married couple in it. They look at each other, embarrassed.

He and Daisy stop for a lunch together at the Boar’s Nest until Iggins gets them to inform them of Luke and the others finding the car.

In the Jeep he rides with Daisy as she cuts off Enos. After they all get on the road again, they arrive to see Lori reclaim the money and they all hug.

Later they go to leave the Duke Farm and he shakes Bo and Luke’s hand’s. He gets in the car and drives away.