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John J. Hooper, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


A Boy's Best Friend[]

While at a dog show in Chickasaw County with his wife, his prized basset hound is stolen. He offers a ten thousand dollar reward for her safe return.

He gets a call from a man named Boss Hogg, saying he found Maxine in Hazzard. John and his wife leave immediately for Hazzard. As they cross the Hazzard line, they are stopped by Bo and Luke Duke. Bo helps him out of the car, explaining that he’s sorry for stopping them like that. The boys explain about Terry Lee, an orphan boy who is unwell and the mishap of giving him Maxine as a pet. Luke says they would like the buy the dog and they are offering everything they have as a down-payment. John rolls his eyes. Bo adds they will work off the rest. He tells them he’s sorry but the dog is not for sale, not for any price and they don’t even know for sure it is Maxine. He asks if the boys can tell him where he can find Boss, and Luke offers to show them.

They arrive at the police department and Bo leads them inside. Bo introduces them to Boss Hogg, who they are not impressed with. Boss shows them their dog, but they quickly confirm it is the wrong basset hound. He asks what Hogg has done with their dog, saying it isn’t Maxine. Bo suggests the dog nappers took Maxine again. He asks what Bo is talking about and Bo responds with ‘It’s a long story Mr. Hooper’ before suggesting they go out to the orphanage and meet Terry Lee and Daisy first. He agrees, but tells Boss that if they don’t recover Maxine he will hold Boss legally responsible. He asks what Boss plans to do about it and Luke returns from a phone call, saying they have a lead. He and his wife leave for the orphanage.

After meeting Jesse and Daisy, they introduce the Hoopers to Terry Lee. Daisy says he’s been that way ever since he lost his dog. John corrects her, saying ‘ever since he lost our dog’. His wife snaps at him saying that isn’t fair.

When Bo and Luke return, they see Terry Lee run over and hug Maxine. When Bo and Luke go to explain that Terry Lee will have to say goodbye, he stops them saying for them to save their breath and that Terry Lee is right, he and Maxine will never be separated again. His wife gives him an approving smile.

Around Christmas they return to the orphanage and adopt Terry Lee as their son.