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John Zimbra is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


After four people are injured in three months in the Carnival of Thrills, his insurance company thinks someone is trying to kill the drivers and he is sent to investigate.


Carnival of Thrills: Part 1[]

After the accident in Ceder City, he follows the Carnival of Thrills to the Boar’s Nest. He watches Diane and Carl leave Boss Hogg’s office at 5pm and documents it.

A few days later he watches Bo win a race held by the Carnival and agree to be the next driver to attempt the 32 car jump.

Later while watching the carnival he sees Bo arrive to see Diane.

Carnival of Thrills: Part 2[]

He watches Bo arrive at the Fairgrounds later and then watches him leave. He pulls out his recorder to document Bo’s name and information and that Diane seems to be using him like her previous times.

Seeing Luke, Jesse, and Daisy leave the fairgrounds, he follows them. Luke stops and the three go to confront him. Luke asks what he wants and he gets out of the car, handing over his card. He explains that his company holds the liability policy for the Carnival. Daisy says he’s chasing after the wrong Dukes as Bo is the one working for the Carnival. He asks her if they are aware Bo is the fourth one to try in the last three months. Luke says they saw the last guy and he tells them that they think it was all attempted murders. He is concerned that Bo will be next.

They visit Bob Dexter at the hospital and he remarks it must be hard to be cheerful in his spot. When Bob says the car had just up and quit on him at the last moment, he asks that there was no warning and Bob says he tested the car an hour before and it was perfect. He agrees with Luke to go to the Cedar City Garage to check the car.

They arrive at the Garage and he looks over the car. He notices the transmission is gone and is told there was nothing wrong with it. Daisy suggests the fuel line and when Luke pulls it out he shows them it was cut purposely. He moves closer to look at it and confirms that it wasn’t an accident but attempted murder and it’s happened three times. Daisy says if they don’t get back, Bo is next. They rush back.

He waits as Jesse and Luke try to call someone at Hazzard to stop the race but no one answers. Luke tells him it would be best to let him drive because if he doesn’t cut some corner and bend a few speeding laws then they will get there in time for Bo’s funeral. He agrees and gets in the back with Daisy. As they go Daisy expresses concern and Luke takes them across country. Luke says they will come in in the back of the fairgrounds and he asks that they will make it after all. He is stunned when Luke asks him how does his car fly before jumping Choctaw Gully.

They arrive on the fairgrounds and cut Bo off before he can jump. He watches Bo talk to Diane before telling Cooter to check the gas line on the General. When they find the fuel line has been cut, he explains to Bo that it was attempted murder. After Luke captures Carl, he tells Rosco and Enos to arrest him and he will file the charges. He leaves with Enos and Carl.