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Johnny Ryan is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


He has four prior drug charges and has worked with Rayford Davis in the past, running drugs in Memphis.


Mason Dixon's Girls[]

He goes with Rayford to pick up the water heater from Sunshine at the freight depot.

Back at Razorback mountain they explain the mix up to Dempsey, finding that instead of weed the box had an actual water heater in it. Dempsey calls them birdbrains, angry at the mix up. They leave to check with the freight agent, Sunshine.

After learning about the Dukes picking up their box, they arrive at the Duke Farm where they meet Daisy and Jesse. He listens as Rayford talks to Jesse but Jesse insists he doesn’t have the crate. He gets annoyed by Jesse’s denials. Daisy explains that Jesse doesn’t lie and for them to go about their business before going inside. When Rayford asks if they are telling the truth he says there is only one way to get the truth and he pulls out his gun saying he’ll take the old man. As they go to chase the Dukes, he notices flashes in the trees. He stops Davis and tells him not to look but they are being watched. They leave the farm.

They wait for a vehicle to pass them on the road side, to follow and try to see who was watching them. When they see two figures get on top of the RV the begin tailing he remarks he doesn’t know what they are doing. When they take the car off the trailer he yells for them not to stick around and to get out of there. They escape.

They report into Dempsey what happened and is told that someone called Mason Dixon and his girls are who they saw. They are told to help the others as they are getting out of Hazzard, now. They go to start packing.

After learning they have infiltrators, he goes with his partner and Dempsey to confront Bo and Luke. He takes Bo into the barn and ties him up. They wait and when Sam and Tinker arrive, they confront them as well. He helps Dempsey take the girls into the barn to tie them up.

As they leave in the car with Rayford and Dempsey, he looks up to see two hang gliders and asks who they are. Dempsey tells him to give him the rifle. He continues to watch the hang gliders. He then watches Mason pull in front of them. Dempsey notices people on the truck and tells him ‘let’s get them’. They start shooting at the truck however they are stopped by the arrival of the General. They are ran off the road and taken into custody by Tinker and Bo.