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Jojo is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Daisy's Song[]

An employee of Lester Starr. He is listening to tapes to check their sound when Lester comes in and demands to know if they are ready for the pressing plant yet. When Lester pulls off his headphones he tells him it’s nearly done. He is given instructions before going back to the music. When Bo and Luke come in to talk to Lester, he hears them discussing a song already published by their company and suspects there is trouble. When the boys start asking about royalties, he takes off the head phones, knowing he will need to assist. He goes over when Bo and Luke tell Lester that if he isn’t going to be fair then they want Daisy’s money back. At Lester’s command, Jojo moves between Bo and Lester, Lester asking if Jojo heard Bo threaten him. When Lester threatens them with Jojo, Bo tells Jojo ‘you’re gonna need help hoss’, to which Jojo shows him the two firearms he is carrying at his side (Luke says they were 44 Magnums). The cousins back down and he tells them they best be going, to which they leave.

While sorting tapes he hears a noise and looks up to see Bo and Luke had come back in. He chases after them through the building. While looking for them he finds Boss Hogg in a room with Dodie and apologizes for interrupting them. He goes after Luke when Luke calls him, however Luke shuts the door. While he is trying to open it, another door opens where Bo comes out, saying ‘hey Jojo’ before punching him in the face. Bo hits him a second time to knock him out and Luke takes his guns. He manages to get up as the FBI come in and run to Lester, who is being confronted by Bo and Luke. Luke immediately hits him in the solar plexus and he collapses. He explains there is a raid and is practically ran over by Lester in his hurry to get out. He is trying to get his breathing back when Bo and Luke use him to barricade the door to keep the police from coming in. The police end up forcing the door open, knocking him down and out again.

He drives Daisy and Jojo to the recording plant in Hazzard and waits for the syndicate men. He is startled later by the arrival of Ms. Mabel and her girls. After Bo announces the cops and FBI are on the way, they flee. They are caught in a traffic jam and watch the buildings be blown up by Bo and Luke, putting an arm around Starr to show support.