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Josephine Max or 'Mama Max' is a character from the Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion!


Mama Max meets Rosco Coltrane and he shows her the Hazzard Swamp. She and her employees find a deposit of gallium arsenide ore that is used for supercomputer chips and she tests it to learn it is on of the richest samples on record. She intends to buy the swamp to excavate the ore and tells the people of Hazzard County that she wishes to build a theme park in the swamp, which will bring in a number of jobs. In order to access the Swamp, she needs to be able to cross the Duke Farm and Jesse Duke refuses to grant her access. She files for a law suit against him but comes up with a plan with Rosco to make Jesse give up faster.

She is number one on the FBI's top list of wanted real estate con artists.


The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion![]

At the Town Meeting in the Hazzard Square, Mama Max announces to the people that on Saturday they are still going to sign the lease for Hazzard Swamp. She tells them they will then start to develop and build a theme park. She reminds everyone that Jesse has denied them access to the land but says they will still do it even if they have to build a COSWAY. As the people cheer she tells them the down side of this is a three year delay. She hands the meeting back to Rosco who proposes an overland race with the General Lee against any car of Mama Max’s choice. She is unimpressed with Rosco and Cletus’ antics and when Luke and Cooter express their concerns as the General has been sitting, she proposes that if the General Lee wins they will drop the lawsuit but if her car wins, Jesse will allow them access to the Duke Farm. Bo tells her 'Lady, you're on' and Jesse shakes her hand and she summons Buzz Kilroy, saying he has her car.

Rosco and Mama Max have a toast in Rosco’s office with Cletus and Riker. Rosco praises her and she tells him that he can call her Josephine. Rosco admits that the first time he saw her name he thought she was a man who couldn’t spell the name Joe. She tells him that the first time she saw him she knew he was a lawman and says he reminded her as Clint Eastwood with how he carries himself. She flirts a little and Rosco tells her that he knew they would have trouble with the Dukes and they need to win the race. She assures him they will and they move toward the door. She asks him if he knows how much money theme parks makes and she tells him tons. She assures him he will get a cut and tells him she will see him later while playing with his zipper.

Outside she vents about how Rosco is an idiot before throwing away her cigar. She tells Riker they need to go get their ringer. He asks her what she means and she tells him she hired another driver as a little assurance.

Later while working on her model theme park, Rosco comes in and vents that the boys are being sneaky. She asks if the boys are in trouble and when Rosco rambles asking if she got it, she admits she doesn’t and concludes it’s just a boy thing. Rosco tells her that he is concerned because Bo Duke is a professional driver. Mama Max explains that Buzz isn’t driving and their driver is Cam and they have other plans in the works. She sends Rosco away and tells her employees that he is the dumbest primate in the galaxy.

Later that night, Riker, Cam, and the others come back after they had been beaten in a bar fight by Bo, Luke, Enos Strate, and Daisy Duke. She helps treat their wounds but demands to know where he found that muscle. She says they fight like ballet dancers and tells them to get tough.

The next day she gives Rosco $25,000 and tells him that he will get the other $75,000 after they sign the lease on Saturday. Rosco tells her he is still concerned about Bo Duke driving in the race as the 'General Lee' ain't human. She tells Rosco to come with her and reminds him to grab his money. They show Rosco the two cars and she explains that one has an illegal engine and she lets Riker explain the plan to Rosco about swapping out cars during the race. When Rosco doesn't understand she sends him away. After Rosco leaves she admits that she gave Rosco fake money and gets a new cigar. She tells Riker to get the new soil samples out for testing and that nothing can go wrong now.

Riker and some of her men come to report to her that Daisy was seen spotting something on the ground in the swamp. She assumes Daisy found the ore and when Riker laughs she snaps that Daisy is finishing her doctorate in Ecology and telling him that if he bothered to listen to the local gossip at the beauty parlor he would have known that. When Riker asks that Daisy found it just laying there, she reminds him that is how they found it and they will know for sure by what Daisy does next.

When Rosco shows her the form from the Environmental Protection Agency for the Impact Study, she tells him to ‘lose the form’ and hands it to Riker before telling Rosco when he is asked about it, claim it was misfiled and have another form made. He agrees and says this is why he likes working with her. She sends him out of her office before concluding that they now know Daisy found it. She tells Riker that they need to do something about Daisy and orders Riker to kidnap her. Riker, upset, reminds her that they still have people serving time for that. She tells him that this is too big of a deal to lose out on and insists he takes care of it.

After Daisy is kidnapped, Riker calls her saying they got problems ‘woman problems’ and she goes to see what Daisy needs. She goes to Daisy and asks what the problem is. Daisy says that the plan won’t work and when Mama Max writes it off, Daisy asks what about her wedding on Saturday. Mama Max is stunned and Daisy explains that she has a wedding at the finish line of the race and that if she suddenly stops planning her wedding then it will tip everyone off that something is wrong. Mama Max says no one is so tacky that they get married at the finish line of a race. Daisy says she is. Mama Max gets excited for Daisy, despite herself. When Riker says this is crazy she snaps ‘not for Hazzard.’ She learns that Enos is an LA Police sergeant and she asks how Daisy is going to plan the wedding. Daisy says her boys are going to help and she asks if Mama Max has ever been married. She tells Daisy she has loads of times and it’s her favorite thing after Jeopardy. Daisy asks her to help plan the wedding. Mama Max says this is insane and goes to leave. Daisy tells her that her mother died when she was born and she never had a mother figure who can help her. Mama Max says this is impossible and she can’t spoil a wedding. Daisy asks her for some advice as she wants to have the brides maids wear daises and Mama Max protests telling her that Daisy should carry daises and have her brides maids wear yellow. When Daisy gets excited and thanks her she agrees to advise Daisy and tells Riker to help Daisy. Later she comes back to check on Daisy to see Daisy using Riker as a model for her wedding dress. She asks about the dress, thinking it’s beautiful. Daisy tells her about the wedding cake being covered in daises and Mama Max tells her to just use one. When Daisy goes to call the cake shop however, she sends Riker to do it.

She is surprised when Rosco comes to her office, asking ‘now what’s going on Clint?’ Rosco tells her he was wondering that if things don’t go well that she will still follow through on her end. She says she will and Rosco explains that the people of Hazzard really could use these jobs. When Riker comes in both with soil samples an wedding items for Daisy, she distracts Rosco.

Later Mama Max checks on Daisy, who is showing her the materials for the dresses. Mama Max asks how are the girls going to have the dresses ready in time and Daisy assures her most women in Hazzard can get a pattern and the material, make the dress, do her hair and her nails, and be in the dress for the date that night. Mama Max is amused but then apologizes to Daisy for her mother not getting to see this. She tells Daisy that her mother missed all her weddings, and her mother is still alive. Daisy asks her if she will be in the wedding, shocking Mama Max. She asks if Daisy mean it and Daisy says she would be proud if Mama Max would be in the wedding. Mama Max is stunned and explains that she always wanted to plan her daughter's wedding but never had a daughter. She agrees to be in Daisy’s wedding, hugging her.

As she exits Daisy’s room, she meets with Mojo and his men and thanks them for coming.

The next day she watches the start of the race, knowing her boys have set up multiple traps along the way. She has Riker take all the guns from Mojo’s boys in order to make sure no one ends up getting killed. She also tells them to bring Daisy.

Seeing her car coming she starts to celebrate but the General Lee slides through the finish line and she protests that it’s not possible. She is stunned to learn the boys have Riker and she gets angry when Rocso insults her intelligence for kidnapping Daisy Duke in Hazzard. Rosco apologizes for coning her into coming to Hazzard, shocking her. She learns that Rosco had planted that ore in the swamp. Rosco goes to arrest her but Daisy stops him, saying that Rosco can't arrest the Matron of Honor at the wedding. Mama Max is relieved and grateful to Daisy and admits she would never had kidnapped Daisy had she not found the ore. Daisy explains she found a fern, confusing everyone and they decide to worry about it later and move onto the wedding. However during the wedding ceremony, Daisy calls it off.