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Josh Scroggins is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The New Dukes[]

While looking over the mean green machine, he hears’ Boss calling on the CB. He walks over and his partner Hatfield hands him the CB to answer. He answers as ‘Helper One’ and asks what is going down. Boss says Bo and Luke left Hazzard and asks how long until the secret weapon is ready. He says they will be ready for the test target at three. Boss says to make it two and he smirks to his partner. He agrees, saying ‘over and out’.

He uncovers the Mean Green Machine before telling Hatfield to let it roll, directing him until they get it off the trailer before getting in. They drive to Capitol City and into the bank. They order the people of the bank to put all the money in the machine before backing out and leaving. As they leave, he notices someone coming after them. He tells Hatfield to speed it up before opening the top hatch and shooting at the blue car. They burn the car as the three occupants get out before driving away.

As they reload the machine, they celebrate the destruction of the car and the theft of the bank.

Boss and Rosco come out to see them at the hideout, informing them that they heard about the successful robbery. He addresses Boss as ‘Santa’ confirming it. He adds that isn’t all they have before leading Boss in to show him a box labeled ‘printing press’. Boss asks if he’s sure that model will to the job, to which he says ‘positivo amigo’. He tells Boss he modified it a bunch after he borrowed it from the Bayou Weekly Bugle. Boss asks to see the cash and he has Hatfield show it, saying there is $28,000. He hears Rosco let it slip that Boss only spent half of that for the tank, but just smiles, especially when Boss says he has extra expenses. Boss warns them about Coy and Vance Duke.

He goes to the Post Office the next morning, getting a number of boxes. When he comes outside he sees Hatfield sitting on the trunk of the car and asks if he wants an invitation and to open the trunk. As he puts the packages in, Hatfield points out two men, asking if they are Coy and Vance. He remarks he isn’t going to wait and find out before shoving the packages in so they can flee. As they do, they attempt to run Coy and Vance down on the street.

As they drive, Hatfield asks if they gave the boys the slip. Spotting the General he remarks ‘not hardly’ and points the car out as they have caught up. They see another car coming toward them and cause it stop, blocking Coy and Vance from following.

Later Boss radio’s them to inform them where the armored car is. He tells Boss they are on their way. They wait by the road before attacking the convoy. After forcing the motorcycle off the road, they take the armored car. When the car flips he gets out and climbs into the armored car, stealing the plates. As they hit the road again, Hatfield tells him the boys are back and he remarks ‘no sweatski’ and shoots the windshield on the General. He then shoots out a tire. They radio Boss about coming to the hideout. After getting to the pickup, they put the machine on the trailer, cover it with a tarp, and head back to the hide out, passing Coy and Vance on the road as they do.

As they arrive at the hide out, Hatfield says they have everything they need and asks why don’t they just leave. He says he wants to make sure the Boss and Rosco can’t blow the whistle until they are a hundred miles away.

They sit waiting for Boss and Rosco. When the two come in, he shows them the plates that Hatfield was holding. Boss says to uncrate the press and start printing. He stands up, laughing before kicking apart the crate to show Boss it’s empty. When Boss asks how they are going to print his money, Scroggins explains’ they aren’t printing Boss’ money, they are printing their own. He adds that they aren’t’ going to do it there. After Hatfield pulls a gun on them, they tie up Boss and Rosco before leaving.

As they drive they hear the cops talk about setting up a road block. He says they can’t take a chance with  the pickup and will need the machine. He tells Hatfield to pull over so they can take the machine off the pickup again. They get into the tank and race down the road, going through the road block and nearly hitting Cletus and Enos, who chase after them. When Coy and Vance catch up, they throw flames at them again. However the General jumps over them and dynamite is dropped on the tank, forcing them to stop. They are arrested by Rosco.