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Sarah, also known as 'Joy' was a resident of L.A. when Enos first joined the LAPD



While at home she hears a knock at the door. She opens it and is shocked to see a man behind a large stack of clothes and boxes who addresses her saying ‘hey neighbor, I got a problem’. She comments ‘wow, it talks’ and he explains that he accidentally locked his key inside the apartment next door. She concludes he wants to use her phone to call the apartment manager. He says that is right, moving a basket so she can see his face. She tells him that he’s gone and he’s never around during football season before going to close the door. The man asks that the manager is a foot ball player and she pulls the door back open to explain he’s a bookie. The man expresses surprise and she says ‘you know, a book maker’. She goes to close the door again and he says he didn’t know they still made books by hand anymore. Joy pauses in shock before pulling the door open again, concluding he’s not from around there. He grins, asking how could she tell and slightly exasperated she asks why doesn’t he just come in and put his stuff down and they can maybe think of something. He thanks her before coming in and she tells him to watch as he comes through the doorway, helping him with his large load. She introduces herself as Joy and he introduces himself as Enos, shaking her hand and saying she sure uses a lot of makeup for a pretty girl, surprising her and causing her to touch her face in confusion. Enos points to the large stack of make up on her table and she quickly says that isn’t hers and she’s delivering them. The phone rings and she excuses herself to answer the phone. It’s her friend Faith and she tells them that everyone’s makeup got sent to her place. She watches Enos while she is talking, and says that she’ll bring all the make up later. She excuses herself again, hanging up before approaching Enos. Enos tells her it’s a nice place, just like his only she has furniture. She laughs a little before asking if he would like a drink. Enos accepts and she goes to the fridge, offering bourbon and beer before Enos says he would really love some buttermilk. She turns to him in shock before remarking she hasn’t thought of buttermilk since she left Wichita. Enos says he doesn’t think about it much, but he really loves it with popcorn. Joy explains she doesn’t have any popcorn either. Enos says that is alright and he feels awful dumb having locked his key in his apartment. She asks if he has a credit card, which Enos says he doesn't, he only pays cash. She laughs telling him to 'watch this'.

Enos and Joy go to Enos’ door and she uses a credit card to force open the door. Amazed, Enos tells her ‘that is slick’. She laughs saying it’s okay and Enos says he wants to stick one of those under his doormat in case he loses his key. She gives him a stunned look, saying he can charge things with it too. They both laugh and Enos says he appreciates it, to which she asks what are neighbors for.

Joy joins Enos in his apartment the next night and when he tells her about his rough day she tells him that when he’s feeling down, that’s the best time to have a party. She says when she’s feeling good, a party doesn’t make her feel any different. Enos grins at her, saying she is deep. She tells him she’s been called a lot of things before, but never deep. Enos puts popcorn in his buttermilk calling it a popcorn float and she laughs, saying he reminds her of Virgil. Enos asks if he was her first sweetheart and she gives a heavy sigh before saying he was her first everything. She distracts herself by folding laundry, explaining that Virgil wanted to get married but she wanted to get out of Wichita so she came out there. She says she was going to be a model or go into movies. She becomes sad and Enos remarks that at least she got a good job, shocking her. He adds that he’s fixing to lose his as he just had three of the worst days of his life. Joy tells him that Virgil once said that he never had more than three really bad days in a row. Enos says neither has he. Excited, Joy moves the laundry aside, leaning into Enos’ space saying ‘well, then tomorrow’s got to be a good day.’ When Enos does nothing she pulls back, proposing a toast with her buttermilk that Enos happily returns.

Joy goes into work at the Vixen Club the next day, running late. Posey grabs her by the arm, demanding to know where she’s been. She says she’s sorry but he ignores her, yelling for everyone to get ready for Scorpio’s arrival. She goes to get ready when she hears someone call her name, exasperated she turns to confront the person to see Enos in his uniform hiding behind a wall. She is shocked and upset, asking what he’s doing there. Enos approaches her and she says she didn’t know he was a cop. Enos says he didn’t want to brag before saying he knows why she is there. She becomes upset and Enos assumes she is selling ‘cosmetics to harlots’. She is shocked and Enos says they need to get her out of there before people get the wrong idea before pulling her toward the back door. He adds there is going to be a raid, shocking her and she screams out the word.

As the raid starts and everyone scatters, Enos continues to hold her arm and they look for the back door. They are approached by Turk to which Enos remarks ‘I got mine, how you doing?’ When they get outside they see more cops to which Enos tells them ‘y’all better grab one before they are all gone’ before helping her get away.

She goes out for a run before returning to the apartment, startled by Enos on the balcony. She says Enos startled him. She catches her breath saying she really appreciates what he did yesterday. She adds she thought Enos would come by in the night and confused Enos asks why. She says so she could have thanks him and Enos says he was just helping a citizen stay out of trouble. She is stunned and asks that Enos doesn’t expect something. She asks if he got him in any trouble. Enos admits if he messes up one more time he’ll be suspended. She is shocked. Enos says it was worth it because it was her. He adds part of his job is to prevent crime and it would have been a crime for a nice girl like her to get mixed up in that.

After she gets a shower and is drying her hair, Posey startles her by coming up behind her. She snaps at him and he says Scorpio wants to talk to her. She is confused saying she doesn’t even know him before recalling ‘that weird one’. Posey tells her Scorpio is nuts, but he’s the boss and he wants her exclusively. She is surprised and Posey says she wouldn’t be a hooker anymore. She protests that that is crazy and Posey says he moves fast. She asks how they got raided and Posey asks if she thinks that is the only place they run. She protests that she wants out and all this is putting her in deeper. She tells him she quits. He shows her a roll of film that they took of her at the vixen to her horror. She says she didn’t know who the man was and Posey asks if she thinks a judge will buy that. He tells her to get her head strait before going to leave. At the door he adds that the next day Scorpio will be leaving for Bermuda and Joy is going with him.

Enos later comes to see her and she explains to him that she is a prostitute. Enos says he can’t believe it and she says for him to believe it. Enos admits she is the first real one he met and she rolls her eyes. Enos says she’s pretty and she sighs. He asks if her parents know, to which she says of course not. She says it’s so easy to get in and tough to get out. Enos asks that she wants out and she says yes but they won’t let her before she sits at her table. Enos says then she is getting out. Enos says all they need to do is to get Scorpio, shocking her into asking that they know about Scorpio. Enos says that is who he is after and she remarks ‘oh you poor baby.’ Enos insists they can get him and that she shouldn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to. She protests, saying Enos doesn’t know what he’s up against. She insists she knows Scorpio personally and Enos doesn’t have a chance. She stands up, saying Enos hasn’t got a chance. Enos says he is the one in trouble since he knows all about Scorpio, but the man hasn’t heard of Enos. He adds that he has the whole LAPD behind him.

When Enos and Turk tell her their plan, she asks what if they don’t get Scorpio. Turk addresses her, saying ‘hey girl’ and says she is the only link they have. She says she knows the police aren’t behind him so why is Enos doing this. Enos says because she wants out. She becomes upset and Enos says all they need is to find him and collect evidence. She admits that Scorpio’s men are picking her up.  When Turk says they can follow her, she adds there will be evidence, film of Scorpio’s blackmail operation. She stands up adding there will be clients and girls before leaving the room. She hears Turk and Enos argue about the evidence, Enos refusing to use it because it will incriminate Joy. Turk asks what else can they use and she comes running back in, saying there is another operation set up just like the one she is in, but she doesn’t know where it is. Enos says they will grab Scorpio and force him to give it’s location. Enos promises her they will follow her and find out the second operation.

She is taken by limo to Scorpio and watches him receive the tape. Scorpio then hands her a drink and tells Posey to take a film at the Neptune Club. She pretends to drink it. Posey says this is all big stuff and she politely smiles and nods. Scorpio then takes the drink away before taking her hand saying ‘okay lovely, lets go to Bermuda.’ Joy looks to Posey as he pulls her out. As the car goes to leave they are blocked by Turk. Turk and Enos arrest the driver and passenger before they turn to Scorpio. They arrest him as well. As Enos leaves with Scorpio, Turk goes to her door saying ‘hey girl, I got work to do, and you gotta get out of here.’ He opens her door saying ‘run baby, run’. She thanks him before running away.

Enos walks her to the bus station before thanking her for the plants. She tells him that she is glad they are getting a good home. Enos tells her to have a nice trip and she nods before saying goodbye and getting on the bus. As she sits, Enos appears at her window, saying he got her a little present and holding it out. Stunned she takes the bag and Enos says it’s her film as Turk had it cut out before it was turned in. Enos says there is no record of her and she becomes overwhelmed. Enos tells her to take care. She says her name is Sarah. Enos tells her bye and to tell Virgil he says ‘hey’. She kisses her hand, touching it to Enos as the bus drives away.