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Jud Kane is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


When Jud was two weeks old, the hospital he was in caught fire. The Duke family was told he was lost, but Jud was rescued by a nurse named Mrs. Nelson. Having lost her husband and having no other family, she took the baby to the next town and raised him as her own son. At some point they moved to Tullahoma and Jud joined the Army. He started boxing where he kept with it after his time in the service. He became a pro boxer, using the name ‘Killer Kane’. He was popular enough that Enos Strate attended one of his boxing matches and remembers his name. His manager made a deal with a gambler and tells Jud to take a dive. Jud refuses and wins the fight in the first round. The gambler, Tex Tompkins, loses everything and sends people after Jud, intending to kill him.

In 1983 Mrs. Nelson becomes ill and informs Jud about his birth family and that he had an older brother named Luke. After she died, Jud decides to find his family and uses every bit of money he has to hire a private investigator to find his birth family so he can meet Luke, despite the danger he was facing from Tex.


Brotherly Love[]

After learning the Duke Family lives in Hazzard, Jud heads that way. Charlie Burns, one of Tex’s men, follows him. Jud tries to evade him on the road. He approaches a construction site and instead of stopping, he drives through it and jumps his car, losing Charlie.

He arrives at the Duke Farm and knocks at the door. When Jesse opens it, he greets Jesse before taking off his sunglasses. He says he knows they are going to find this hard to believe before saying his name is Jud and he is Luke’s brother. Jesse calls for Luke, who invites him in but doesn’t sound happy. Jud goes into the house and Luke tells him that he doesn’t know if this is Jud’s idea of a joke but it isn’t funny. Luke says his brother Jud died. Jud tells him there was a hospital fire but he wasn’t lost in it, explaining how a nurse saved him. When Jesse says that they never did find any remains, Jud says that is because there weren’t any. He explains how he was raised as her son and Luke asks how he expects them to believe that and why didn’t he come looking before. Jud explains he didn’t know anything about them until a few months ago when his mother died. Bo comments this is a right good story and Daisy says there is a family resemblance. He tells Luke that if he needs proof, he was told they had something else in common, a birthmark. When Luke shows confusion, he says if the young lady would turn her back for a minute, Luke confirms that they are in the same place. Luke calls him his baby brother and Jud says that is what he’s been trying to tell him. They shake hands before hugging, laughing and cheering. Luke then calls over Bo and Daisy, introducing them and he shakes Bo’s hand before kissing Daisy’s cheek and shaking Jesse’s hand. Jesse comments he looks more like his dad than his dad did. Daisy jokes that he is cute.

After they eat dinner, he comments that it sure was a good meal, addressing Daisy as ‘Cousin Daisy’. Daisy says it’s not over yet as they have the pies Jesse made. Daisy asks if they want milk or buttermilk and he says he hates buttermilk, something Luke echoes. When Luke says he wants some coffee he agrees and they both say they want black, causing Bo to laugh. Jesse tells him to ‘get on with it’ and he continues to tell them about his Army and Boxing careers. Bo asks that if he’s so good why did he quit and Jud tells him to just say it’s a long story. Bo goes to pry but Jesse changes the topic, toasting to a new member of the family. The others echo the sentiment and Bo tells him to make a speech. He comments ‘age before beauty’ pointing to Jesse. Jesse declines so he informs the Dukes that this is about the happiest day of his life.

After dinner he looks out the window and Luke approaches him, saying the scenery don’t change much. Jud is confused and Luke says that is the fifth time he looked out the window. He asks if Jud is expecting someone and nervously, Jud says no of course not. Luke tells him they are brothers and he doesn’t need to keep anything from him. Luke asks who he’s waiting on and Jud admits that it’s someone who might want to kill him. Luke asks if he supposes everyone ought to hear it and Jud says no as it’s his problem. Luke corrects him saying it’s ‘our problem’ before calling everyone else in. Jud is shocked when the others come in the listen and admits they have a right to know. He explains that he was supposed to take a dive and he didn’t, causing the gambler to lose everything. He says the man was Tex Tompkins and that Tex sent Charlie Burns to kill him. Jesse remarks that it sounds serious and they should get Rosco. Daisy asks if they have guns, which he agrees and she says Jesse is right. Jud leaves with Bo and Luke.

They arrive at the police station to see Rosco dancing with Boss. Rosco skips out of the office as they enter to Jud’s confusion. Luke introduces him to Boss and Rosco. Boss remarks he’s never heard of him. He tells them that someone is after him and describes Charlie Burns to Rosco, who writes it down. Luke indicates there might be a reward and as they leave, Bo assures Jud that things will be fine.

As they head to the farm, Bo asks what color car did Jud say was following him. He tells him a light brown sedan, five or six years old. Bo tells him that matches the description of the car currently following them and Jud turns around to see Charlie behind them. He remarks that Charlie is just hanging back there and Bo takes off to see if he’ll follow. When he does, Jud says it’s gotta be Charlie and Charlie gains on them as Bo has car trouble, ramming into them. Bo forces Charlie into a ditch. When Luke says it won’t be hard to find the owners of the General, he remarks it will lead Charlie right to the farm’s doorstep and this is one heck of a homecoming.

They get back to the farm and he begins packing his stuff. Luke asks that he’s just going to leave and comments that he thought Jud was a fighter. Jud says he is a fighter, a good one, and a good fighter uses his head as well as his hands. He tries to go through the living room, where all the Dukes are, and Luke stops him by grabbing him by the arms telling him to hang on a second. Luke tells him he can’t drop into someone’s life one day and drop out the next. He says he is Jud’s brother and he wants to help. Jesse says they all do. He says if anything happens to any of them he couldn’t live with himself. Luke asks if it would be any easier for him if something happened to Jud and Bo snaps that he’s having trouble living with both of them right now. Bo adds that he doesn’t like running away anymore than the next guy but they are forgetting something and that the guy is coming to the farm. Luke points out that the man is new and will have to use the main road. He asks what Luke is getting at and Luke says that he’ll take Jud’s car and Jud will ride with Bo in the General. Jud asks what good is it going to do and Jesse says for him to stay out of it. He tries to protest as the four Dukes plan their hideout. He keeps saying no but Bo shakes him saying he won’t have to run. He insists he can’t take Jesse’s money so Jesse says to give it back when he becomes a champion.

He gets ready to leave the farm with Bo, telling Luke to be careful with his car. He hugs Daisy before getting in. While they go down the road, Bo calls Luke to check in and Luke says he hasn’t seen anyone.

A few minutes later Luke radios them to tell them that Tex is following him. Bo tells him to hang on as he speeds up. Bo calls Luke to tell him that they have enough of a lead and to let the men know they got the wrong person but Luke informs them that they are shooting. They pass a police car and he asks if that was the Sheriff but Bo says it was Enos’ car. Bo calls Enos, who says he’s staying with them. Bo is unable to get Luke again and he gets Bo’s attention to point out smoke. Bo drives to it and they get out, seeing his car on fire. They run down the hill to find Luke unconscious in the bushes. He and Bo check on Luke but Luke doesn’t wake up. Bo has Enos call for an ambulance and tells him Luke is breathing. Jud asks why did he come there and why did he let Luke talk him into this fool scheme. He says it’s all his fault and Bo says he’s being too hard on his self and it’s not his fault.

Jud sits at the hospital with Bo until Daisy and Jesse arrive. He tells them it’s all his fault and he shouldn’t have come to Hazzard. Jesse asks why not and Daisy says they don’t blame him. Jud says he shouldn’t have let Luke talk him into that and that it should be him. Bo snaps ‘oh, I suppose then we’d all feel a whole lot better wouldn’t we?’ Bo apologizes before hugging him, saying he didn’t mean it and he’s just worried. The doctor comes out and says that Luke has no internal injuries or broken bones. He does have a concussion and he hasn’t woken up yet. The nurse takes Jesse back to see Luke.

While Bo is trying to wake up Luke, he goes outside where he sees Tex. He turns to go back inside but sees Charlie was behind the door. They say they are sorry about Luke and for him to come with them before anyone else gets hurt. He turns and goes with them, seeing Bo come outside. Bo calls for him and he yells for Bo to watch out as they men have guns but they start shooting and he is forced in the car. Bo jumps on the car and tries to hang on to the top but is thrown off, Jud trying to yell for him to stop trying, and Charlie tries to run him over as they drive away.

As they drive, Tex asks if he knows what he costed him and Jud says he should have bet on him as he took down the man like he knew he could. Tex says he only bets on sure things and adds that they are going to kill Jud. A few moments later, they see the two cop cars coming from the front and Charlie turns off. They lose the officers when they crash. They think they are in the clear until an ambulance cuts them off and Charlie crashes into a lake. They are trapped in the car until Bo dives down and smashes the window, pulling them out. They surface and Bo asks if he’s alright. He says he’s fine and to not let the others get away as they swim back to the shore.

Later as he prepares to leave, Daisy helps him pack and he thanks her saying he is going to miss her. Jud hugs her and kisses her forehead. He thanks Jesse before shaking his hand and then thanks Bo before shaking his hand. He and Luke step off to say their goodbyes. Luke says he knows Jud has to do what he has to do and he knows where they are and Luke’s there. Jud says the same goes for him. They shake hands before hugging. Luke tells him to keep his nose out of the way, adding Jud doesn’t want to look like him. He gets in the car and Luke says not to be a stranger. He says one finale goodbye before driving away.