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Jude Emery

"Jude Emery" is the nineteenth episode of the second season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

Texas Ranger Jude Emery (John Shearin) has arrived in Hazzard in his search for dangerous crime boss Russel "The Snake" Harmon (Sam Melville), and Jude enlists the help of Bo and Luke in the search. Bo, Luke, and Jude are captured by Snake's gang, leading Daisy, Jesse, Cooter, and even acting Sheriff Grady Byrd to search for them.

Balladeer: Welcome again to Hazzard County. Hazzard is a pleasant little spot where several southern states come together. That’s all I’m allowed to tell you ‘cause everybody would want to go there. But it’s location is how come a very unusual character showed up, named Jude Emery. Uh, that ain’t Jude. That’s uh, Deputy Enos. And, of course, neither one of them’s Jude. They’re the Duke boys. And that ain’t Jude. That’s Sheriff Grady Byrd. But hang on, ol’ Jude will be along briefly. You got it. That’s Jude.

Bo and Luke are running from Grady Byrd and Enos. They get a flat tire and rush to fix it. They are approached by Jude Emery who asks about a ride. They agree and rush him in the car. Jude realizes they are begin chased by the police. Bo decides to use Roslyn Road to confuse them and they lose one. However Grady circles around and sets up a road block forcing the boys to stop. Enos finds a gun on Jude and Grady arrests all three of them.

Police Department

Grady takes Bo, Luke, and Jude to jail and brings them out in front of Boss. Jude tries to tell them who he is but is hushed again. Enos finds another bulge and it is his Texas Ranger badge and his permit for the gun, to Bo, Luke, and Jude’s amusement. Jude shows them the wanted poster for Snake Harmon saying he tracked that man from Texas to Hazzard. Jude explains who Snake is to Boss, Grady, Enos, and the boys. He explains that Snake is getting a new gang and explains he already knows where Snake is and he’s in the Uchee Swamp. They say he will need a guide and Luke says their family never got caught running moonshine in the Uchee Swamp. Jude hires them and forces Boss to let Bo and Luke go or he would file charges for false arrest. Grady and Enos want to know more about the rangers but he tells them there are only 94 in the whole US and it's very hard to become one. Grady apologizes again for arresting him and Jude tells him to forget it. Jude leaves with Bo and Luke. Enos is impressed.

Snake Harmon and Willie watch the Police Station. Snake asks about Bo and Luke, who Willie dismisses. Snake then asks about the local law before they leave to the swamp.

Boss tells Grady that he wants to have Snake Harmon's gang to run contraband for him and tells Grady to tail Bo and Luke and grab Snake first.

Duke Farm

After arriving at the farm, Jesse and Daisy meet Jude. Jesse remarks he had never been chased by a Texas Ranger before. They talk about Jude’s plan to deal with the gang and Jude expresses concern about including Bo and Luke. The boys say now he has help and if they can’t handle it they got the rest of the Dukes. Jude accepts but refuses to allow Daisy to help as he doesn’t want to put her in danger.

Uchee Swamp

Snake wakes up one of his snakes, as he wants the snake hungry and aggressive.

Hazzard Garage

Cooter, Bo, Luke, and Jude get Jude's jeep back to the Garage. While Cooter works on the vehicle, Luke proposes they bring Snake to them by telling people that the Duke Family is coming out of retirement. Cooter tells them Jesse would skin them all alive if the feds came again. Willie and Patch pull up and Jude hides in surprise. After bantering back and forth, Willie says he’s trying to put a few drivers together and while Bo and Luke aren’t much they might be useful. The boys agree to meet him the next morning. After Willie leaves, Cooter and the boys share a laugh and Jude remarks about how Snake actually came to them.

Daisy comes to help and gets the boys beers as they cut out a space in the General under the back seat to hide Jude in. Jude protests, wanting to follow them in another car but Luke says if he gets lost he will not find his way out. The boys say they will start a fight to create a distraction and Jude can slip out and grab Snake while everyone is busy.

Police Department

Boss and Grady talk about Grady following the boys and Grady decides to use his mother’s car as he doesn’t have his own car.

Hazzard Garage

The boys and Cooter continue to work on the car while Jude and Daisy go off. Jude sings to her and Daisy is happy and they kiss. They continue their picnic but Jude refuses to let Daisy come. She says she can out drive and out shoot him. He agrees but says she’s still not going.

Next morning, Bo, Luke, and Jude leave. Cooter and Daisy see a paint trail that Cooter rigged to the General before showing Daisy a car she can borrow to follow them. Daisy thanks him before following the boys, promising to take care of it.

Coffin Works

While arriving at the Coffin Works, Luke slips out of the car. When Willie greets Bo, Bo remarks that he told Luke Willie would be looking the wrong way. He goes into the building to find Luke. He offers them a beer before telling them about the test and that Patch will be the test. Someone slips Elmer the snake in the boys car. The boys leave.


Bo and Luke leave and are followed by Willie, who is followed by Daisy, who is followed by Grady. Patch follows Bo and Luke. Patch starts ramming into the back of the General and while the boys didn’t think much of it at first, they start to get annoyed. Luke hears a rattle and sees a rattle snake around Bo’s legs. He warns Bo who starts to get agitated then terrified. Luke pulls off his jacket and grabs the snake before throwing it out of the window at Patch, causing him to wreck. Meanwhile Willie takes out Daisy and Grady, not knowing who they are.

Police Department

Boss yells at Grady while he laments the condition of his mother’s car. Enos comes in with a number of wanted posters and shows them to Grady. Alarmed, Grady realizes that the boys aren’t dealing with local ridge runners but real felons.

Duke Farm

Grady goes out to the Duke Farm to see Daisy and Jesse, who are fixing Daisy’s car. He shows Jesse and Daisy the posters.

Uchee Swamp

The boys arrive at Snake's hideout and feel intimidated but Bo suggests again that they start a fight. They get out and talk to Snake before making Patch angry. Patch and the others attack and Bo and Luke start fighting. Snake watches by the General and Jude tries to arrest him. However Coy arrives and turns the table. Snake has Jude tied up and Patch wants to settle things with Luke. Snake proposes they arm wrestle.

After night falls, Snake has Luke and Patch set up, explaining that they will arm wrestle over two cactuses and the losers arm will be punctured by the poisonous cactus. They start and Luke gains the upper hand but Patch overpowers him. Bo and Jude become very alarmed and before Patch can win, Daisy arrives, forcing everyone to flee from the the table. She announces that she is there to volunteer and Snake agrees to test her but Patch says he wants to finish with Luke first. Patch wants to play chicken but Luke tells him to jump cars instead. Bo proposes for him and Snake to ride shotgun.

In the morning Bo and Luke are in the General while Patch and Snake are in Daisy’s car. Before they jump Jesse and Cooter come out of hiding from the back and capture Snake and Patch. They force Patch out of the car and Jesse drives away with Bo and Luke following and Snake’s men chasing after. Daisy goes to free Jude but he had freed himself. Bo and Luke crash through the gate and as Snake's men try to follow they are cut off by Grady and Enos.

The Dukes and Cooter bring over Snake to give him to Jude but Boss refuses. Realizing there is another plan here, Cooter, Bo and Luke take Snake and rush to the General to get him out of the county. They pick up Daisy and Jude and jump the creek. Grady tries to follow but they learn that the Dukes took Snake out of the county and are now in Placid County. Enos also joins them.

Balladeer: And that’s the legend of how the Dukes helped capture the notorious Snake Harmon. And Boss had some tall explaining to do about contraband deliveries. Grady and Enos got two wanted men. And Daisy. And Daisy got a little hooked on a stranger passing through. A stranger named Jude Emery.

Jude arrests Snake, Boss gets out of trouble with the syndicate, Grady and Enos take down the wanted posters, and Daisy and Jude say goodbye with a kiss.

Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


  • Walters Robles as Thug


  • According to Enos, Daisy is a Methodist
  • Jude Emery is the only Texas Ranger to appear on the series


  • This episode was meant to serve as a pilot for one of three spinoff series that Dukes of Hazzard had tried to create
    • This spin-off was supposed to focus on Jude Emery and his adventures, however the series was not ordered