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Jude Emery is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Jude is a Texas Ranger who has been chasing Russel Harmon for two years. At some point he arrested Coy Randolph who swore revenge on him.


Jude Emery[]

While chasing Russel Harmon, he ended up in Hazzard County. His Jeep breaks down so he takes the saddle and his guitar and starts walking. He sees Bo and Luke working on their car and he approaches Bo, who asks if he lost a horse or found a saddle. He tells Bo it’s neither and his vehicle broke down and he didn’t want to leave it. Luke cuts him off asking if he wants a ride. He says sure and Bo grabs the saddle from him, tossing it in the trunk. He is rushed by Luke into the General Lee as Bo jokes that he sounds like Merle Haggard. Jude gets in the back seat. He becomes suspicious, realizing that they are being chased by the police and thanks them for the ride remarking it seems they stopped in mid-chase to do it. Luke says being chased by the county sheriff isn't a reason to not be neighborly. He asks if they want to tell him what they did so he can start worrying and they ignore him. When the boys lose one of the cops he tells them they can let him off anywhere ‘in here’ and the boys laugh. They see a road block and Bo remarks ‘stranger, this might ruin your whole day’.

After the boys are pulled over and Enos helps him out of the car as Grady asks his name. Enos sees a bulge in his jacket and he’s put on Enos’ car. He tries to explain that the gun that he was found has a permit but Grady hushes him. Bo tells him ‘Welcome to Hazzard County’.

They are locked in the Hazzard Jail until Boss arrives. Grady tells Boss about his gun and he tries to say he has a permit but is hushed again. Grady brings up his guitar too and he asks if that is a crime and Boss says it depends on how he pleads. He lines up with Bo and Luke when Enos finds a cloth bag on him. Boss and Grady take the bag to find his badge and learn he is a Texas Ranger.  He is amused and Grady comes around the counter asking why he didn’t say something. He tells him ‘I tried to Hoss, but you kept yelling’ hush’. Boss asks what he’s doing coming through those parts, calling him ‘Mr. Ranger’ and he tells him to just call him Jude. He takes his guitar and opens the back and says it beats packing a suitcase before pulling out the poster for Harmon. Bo asks him who that is and Luke says he’s never heard of him. Jude tells them that Snake is there in Hazzard County before handing the poster to Bo and explaining that in Texas Snake had a group he called the Road Gang, usually lead foots. He says they caught the gang but Snake slipped away. He tells them that he heard Snake is making a new gang of moonshine runners and outlaw race car drivers. He says he already knows where Snake is so he’s going to go pick him up while they do the paperwork for him. When he explains Snake is in the Uchee Swamp. Bo tells Jude that the Uchee Swamp is like the Amazon jungle and Jude asks 'that big' to which Grady says ‘that bad.’ Luke tells him there is a lot of dirt roads that don’t go anywhere and Bo says a stranger going in will get lost. Luke says the Duke family used to run moonshine out of there and they never got caught in the swamp. He says it sounds like the boys know the layout pretty good. He asks how they would like to be his guide after he has the Sheriff let them go so he doesn’t press charges for false arrest. Luke accepts and Grady and Enos offer their help. He says they should realize it’s hard to become a ranger as there are only 94 in all 50 states. Grady apologizes again and he tells him to forget it and the gun doesn’t work anyway and he only carries it as the rules say he has to. He says the way he sees it, if the gun don’t work then he has to come up with a way that no one gets hurt, especially him, and it keeps him on his toes. Boss says he isn’t how Boss pictured a Texas ranger and Jude says just because he ‘cuts it a little differently doesn’t mean I can’t cut it’. He tells them to get started on the papers they’ll get Snake. He tells Grady to make more room in his jail as there is about half a dozen in the gang. Grady asks how he plans to do it and he tells him one gang for one ranger. He leaves with Bo and Luke.

He goes to the Duke Farm where he meets Jesse and Daisy. As they have Dinner he focuses on Daisy. Luke asks him how Snake knows his way around and Jude explains he’s been doing local recruiting. Jesse asks if the gang will give him trouble and he remarks that they will probably stay cool as Snake is the only one he’s after. Luke says it's a simple plan and he says that’s the only ones he comes up with. He says he’s edgy including them and Bo says he hasn’t caught Snake himself in two years, and now he got Luke and him. Luke says if they can’t do it, they got help. Jude asks if he means the Sheriff and after laughing the Dukes say the rest of them. Jude says he appreciates that but he doesn’t want Daisy’s help. When Daisy asks why not he says Snake is dangerous and they don’t expose women to danger.

They take Jude’s Jeep back to the Hazzard Garage and Jude meets Cooter. Cooter says he has no idea how Jude made it to Hazzard in that vehicle and he remarks he had the wind behind him. He tells Cooter it’s a Korean War surplus but she has more character than any horse he ever road. As Bo puts the saddle back in, he asks that if Jude has the truck why does he have a saddle and Jude asks him that if he was riding around in that jeep wouldn’t he also want a back-up plan. Luke tells them they think it might be a good idea to have Snake find them. Jude asks Luke why Snake would want to do that and Bo says Jude said that Snake was looking for moonshine runners and race car drivers. He hears a car pull up and hides in the Garage, watching Willie and Patch offer a job working for Snake to Bo and Luke. After Patch and Willie leave he says with that luck they should be gamblers or lawmen and Bo says they are just lucky being Dukes.

He watches the boys make him a hiding place in the back of the General as Daisy gives him a beer. He thanks her before telling the boys he doesn’t see why he has to ride in their car and says if this was Texas he would follow them. Luke snaps that this isn’t Texas but Hazzard, and if Jude gets lost in the swamp he couldn’t find his butt with both hands, surprising him. Bo explains that he and Luke will start a fight and get everyone's attention so he can grab Snake. Bo adds Jude sure doesn’t want to get caught in the back of this car and Jude reluctantly agrees. He tells them to get him to Snake and calls out to Cooter, who he tells to make room for his guitar and Cooter agrees.

He and Daisy go off and he sings while playing his guitar to her. They smile and she says he sings pretty. He says the guitar sounds better without the socks. She asks if he wants more pie and he says her cooking is scary. She asks if that is good or bad and he says when a beautiful woman can cook it’s good and bad. He kisses her and she kisses him back. He pulls away and she says she wants to go tomorrow. He tells her no as he doesn’t want to be distracted worried about her. She gets upset and says she can probably out drive and out shoot him. He agrees that he’s a bad driver, his gun doesn’t work, and she is still not going. Daisy suddenly calms down and packs up the food, smiling as she leaves wishing him a good night.

The next morning he hides out in the General as the boys leave to meet with Willie and Patch. As they drive a vehicle starts ramming them and Luke asks if he’s alright. Jude asks what is going on and Bo says it’s just some bumper tag to which he says 'great'. A few moments later Luke says there is a snake upfront and he tells them not to let it back there as there isn’t room. When Bo asks if anyone has a mouse he says there’s no room for that either. The boys get rid of the snake.

When they arrive at the hideout he asks how many are there and Bo tells him he can’t count that high. As the boys get out he prepares to get out. When the fight starts he slips out of the General. He puts a hand on Snakes shoulder and tells him he’s under arrest. He’s surprised by Snake’s relaxed state and he tries again to tell Snake he’s under arrest. Snake asks if the Dukes work for him an he confirms it. When Snake points out Bo, saying he’s a little slow, he remarks Bo needs to work on his left hook. He decides he should break it up and walks over. He pulls Bo away and forces him back. Bo tries to go back into the fight and he yells for Bo to stop. He pulls out his gun and yells for everyone to break it up. He tells Luke to get aside and when the boys say they had Snake’s guys, he tells them they did good. He tells the rest to stay cool and they haven't broken any laws and Snake is the one he’s after. Snake says he’s not really going to arrest him and Jude says he didn’t track him all the way from Texas for his dazzling conversation.

He is surprised when someone else pulls a gun on him. He agrees to drop his gun, saying the man is making a big mistake and Snake tells him it is Coy. He asks ‘is that you Coy?’ before saying he didn’t recognize him under all the whiskers. When Coy says he was going to shave for getting Jude, Jude tells him not to shave on his account as they give him character and cover up all the ugly. Snake says to tie him up but when Patch goes to attack Luke, he tries to rush over. When Snake proposes Texas arm wrestling he tells Bo and Luke they aren't going to like it.

He watches as Luke and Patch start arm wrestling. He becomes excited when Luke starts to win but becomes alarmed when Luke starts to lose. He stands with Bo when Daisy comes flying up and interrupts the contest. He whispers to Bo, asking what is going on. Bo tells him to be ready for some Duke shucking and jiving. Daisy volunteers to drive and he asks Bo if he wants to let him know what’s happening. Bo tells him ‘stay loose Jude’ and annoyed Jude thanks him before saying that clears it up. He is worried about Luke when Patch goes to attack him again, and when Bo is told to cut Luke free, he holds up his hands toward Bo as well. When Luke says to jump cars at first light, he moves up to Bo again saying he’s finally got it figured out, that they are all crazy and Bo laughs. He listens to Bo challenge Snake to ride shotgun and starts to realize they have a plan.

The next morning he is tied to a tree to watch the boys jump cars. Instead he watches Cooter and Jesse take Snake prisoner. Daisy comes out of the trees beside him and he says if they are always that full of surprises her social life must be something else. Daisy pulls out a knife to cut him free but he unwinds the rope. Daisy asks how he did that and he admits he’s been free for about 30 minutes but he wasn’t about to miss what they had cooking. She remarks he’s some cowboy.

When Bo, Luke, and Cooter stop and pick him and Daisy up to get him, Snake begs him to get him out of there as they are all crazy and Jude says he should wait until he kisses one of them. They jump the creek and end up in the next county. When Grady runs up to arrest Snake, he informs him that Snake is his prisoner. After the boys confirm they are now in Placid County, he takes Grady’s handcuffs and turns to Snake. He arrests Snake and shakes Luke’s hand in gratitude.

Later after getting Snake, Willie, Coy, and Patch loaded up, Daisy asks him to do her a favor and don’t promise to come back. He asks that she doesn’t want him to come back. She says she wants him to but not to make her any promises. He smiles before kissing her, ignoring the others who are teasing him to kiss Daisy again. He tells her he needs to leave before he forgets all about Texas. He then leaves.