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Jude Porter is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Birds Gotta Fly[]

After having concerns about Molly Hargrove, Boss calls him and his brother. They go to the Boar’s Nest to meet with him and Rosco. When Boss says he naturally thought of them, he asks who do they come down hard on this time. Boss says it’s not a who as he doesn’t want anyone hurt, but the what is Molly Hargrove’s racing car. Boss asks if they want to job or don’t they and he asks how much is Boss paying. Boss shows them $300 and he goes to take it but Boss pulls it back before ripping it in half and telling him they get half now and half when they finish. He goes to take it but Sam grabs it first. He asks if they can trust Boss. He and his brother leave.

They sneak over to the Duke Farm and go up to Molly’s RV. He unlatches the back of the trailer holding the car and removes the chains. They leave.

They go back to the Boar’s Nest and play pool while they wait for Rosco to report in about the car. They hear Rosco say nothing happened and Boss yells to get their attention, asking if they heard that. Rosco explains that Bo and Luke saved the car. Boss tells them to do their job right.

He and his brother wait by Daisy’s car for her and Molly to leave. He keeps watch until the hood is up and Sam says to make it look like they are fixing the car. He starts tearing off pieces of the engine. He hears a yell and see’s Bo and Luke coming over. He picks up a wrench but Bo blocks him arm before punching him in the face. He picks up Luke and tosses him over the roof of the car and onto Bo. He gets up, picking up the wrench and tries to hit Bo but nearly hits Sam instead. Luke punches him in the face and throws him across the hood of the car. Sam pulls him off the hood and they flee to the car. They try to run down Bo and Luke but the two dive out of the way, so they leave the speedway.

As they try to flee from the boys, Sam finds that they can’t escape them. He tells Sam to slow down and make them think he’s going to pull over. Instead Bo makes them pull over. He gets out but Luke is on him, hitting him. Luke then knocks him out.