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Judge Charles Druten is a reoccurring character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Judge Druten is the judge of Hazzard County, a title sometimes shared with with Boss Hogg. He is known for being fair.

He and Jesse Duke had a long time friendship, even going hunting and fishing together. On one particular trip, Druten stepped in a bear trap and Jesse remained calm, using his shotgun to quickly pry open the trap and save Druten's leg from needing to be amputated.


Season 2[]

Hazzard Connection[]

While not in the episode, he wrote a warrant for Rosco and Enos to search a truck suspected of smuggling.

Witness for the Persecution[]

While not actually in the episode, he encountered Enos in town and told him where he thought Boss Hogg had gone, which was a different location than Enos had thought.

Season 3[]

Uncle Boss[]

While not in the episode, Jesse remarks that he is going to visit Judge Druten to get Daisy out on bail but Rosco tells him that Druten is in Atlanta and will be there until early on Monday. Cooter confirms this, saying he tuned up Druten's car before he left.

Baa, Baa White Sheep[]

Boss calls him before he is supposed to come to Hazzard to read the will of Emma Lou Hogg and he agrees to move the reading from 6pm to 4pm.

After arriving in Hazzard, Rosco announces for him the start the will reading and he sits at a desk in the police department, seeing only Jesse and Boss present. He greets Jesse but gets upset with Boss, addressing him only as ‘you’ and telling him to take off the hat. Boss does while saying no one has more respect for the law then him. He regards Boss, not believing him, before hitting the gavel to start the meeting.

He announces they are there for the reading of Miss Emma Lou Hogg’s will and stops, annoyed, when he sees Rosco looking over his shoulder. He says that the will wants to divide everything equally between Boss and Abraham. He remarks Abraham isn’t there and Boss says Abraham can’t be here and hands him a paper saying Abraham asked him to deliver that to Druten. He looks over the paper saying that the paper claims Abraham is handing over all his inheritance to Boss. Before he can agree, Jesse tells him to wait a minute and that he doesn’t think its fair for Druten to give away Abraham’s part without him present.

He agrees, saying that the paper isn’t good by itself and he is due in Capital City at 6 and if Abraham doesn’t show up then they will have to postpone the reading for at least two months. Boss says he thinks he hears Abraham now and leaves with Rosco, stunning the Judge.

A moment later, Boss Hogg comes in pretending to be Abraham Lincoln Hogg and he says that Abe’s presence is required to testify that the signature is his. When the man before him says that he will testify that and if ‘justice wasn’t so blind’, offending the judge. Looking over the papers he says he guesses that means that he must release the property to Boss. Jesse argues that Boss needs to agree to pay the inheritance tax and he hears the man say ‘of course I’ll pay’ before correcting it to Boss will pay. Jesse insists they need to see it and Boss leaves, claiming to be looking for Boss.

Boss charges back in in his white suit, saying he’ll pay the tax. The Judge is confused and when Jesse asks where Abraham is, Boss says he left town. Druten explains he has to have Abraham's signature to release his estate in front of witnesses. He watches in shocked confusion as Boss rushes out again. While waiting he tells Jesse he’s just about out of time and patience. Boss sticks his head in the room to say he’ll be right with them but he needs to get water first. He yells to ask Boss if that is alright with him and is confused when Abraham leaves again and Boss yells in the hall that anything Abraham wants is alright with him. He shakes his head.

Annoyed he waits until Boss comes in again, pretending to be Abraham and points to the papers telling him where to sign. Boss asks if he has a pen and he says he certainly hopes so. However they are all stunned when the General Lee crashed through the wall. He is further stunned when Abraham gets out and he says he can't tell the difference between the two men and until he can the estate will be held up. Luke tells him there is one way to tell the two apart. He watches Luke pull out Flash and watches Abraham pet the dog smiling fondly. After Daisy challenges Boss to also pet her, the dog barks at Boss and he watches Boss flee.

Season 6[]

A Baby for the Dukes[]

He goes on vacation to Spruce Lake to go bass fishing.

Bo and Luke arrive while he’s in the lake, running up to him and telling him they have a job for him. He hushes them and they apologize and say they need him. He tells them no but Luke tells him ‘Bear Trap’. He asks what Luke said. Bo says that their Uncle Jesse told them to tell him ‘bear trap’. Annoyed he tells the boys to help him out and give him a moment to get out of the waders. Luke says they gotta get going and don’t have the time.

As he rides in the back, Luke tells him they appreciate him coming along like that and he just nods. Bo asks him what ‘bear trap’ means and he laughs. He says a long time ago he was hunting possum with Jesse when he stepped in a bear trap. He says Jesse didn’t lose his head but took his rifle barrel and pried open the bear trap, saving him and his foot. He tells the boys he never forgot it. He asks them to tell him about Mary Lou and the baby.

While they continue to drive, they hear Jesse Duke call a fire report over the CB, saying the sawmill is in flames. Bo and Luke say Daisy and Jamie, the baby, are there. Bo tells him to hang on as he heads toward the sawmill, which Druten nods. They stop to let Luke out to get a water truck before coming up to the fire. Bo stops again, telling him he’s going to drive ‘right plumb through that’ before telling Druten that if he wants out, now is the time. Druten says he’s with the boys all the way and Bo thanks him before driving in.

As they keep going through the fire, he tries to shield himself from the heat and Bo and Luke decide to head to the pond. They arrive at the pond and spot Daisy. He stays in the General as Bo and Luke get her, helping Bo get the baby into the General before handing him back to Daisy. He rides out of the fire with Bo and Daisy in the General. He gets out of the General and approaches Craig, informing him that he is Judge Druten and he wants to warn Craig that he is heavily considering granting a thirty day stay on his court order. Craig says it won’t be necessary as he is tearing it up. He comments ‘good’ before clapping at the action.