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Julian is an antagonist from the series Enos.


One Daisy Per Summer[]

After Carl Winter’s steals the Kubla Diamond, he takes it into a Jewel store that Winter’s had a deal with to sell it. He returns to the car to give Winters the bad news, informing him that the owner won’t touch the diamond because it’s too hot and the man won’t touch it. He tells Winter’s the best the owner can do is ship it from Mexico, but they need to get it across the boarder. Winters says he’ll find a way and tells him ‘let’s get out of here’ before opening the newspaper and announcing he just found a way. He drives himself and Winter’s to Jamie Cooper’s hotel and accompanies Winter’s to Cooper’s hotel room.

They enter the hotel room and he checks out the window for cars before sitting on the couch reading the paper while Carl blackmails Cooper into helping him. After they leave, Carl promising that Julian will deliver the diamond when Cooper is ready for it.

He drives Winters out to the hotel Jamie is staying at the next day to discuss where the hide the diamond, then drives him back to the house they are staying at.

When Jamie goes to see Carl, he sits in a chair listening to the two argue about Jamie not wanting to help with the diamond smuggling. He hands Carl a picture of Jamie from his days in prison to use as blackmail. After Jamie leaves Carl tells him it’s strange Jamie’s sudden concern for the girl who would be unknowingly driving the diamond, which he nods to, and Carl says they need to get some insurance.

That night he sneaks into the hotel and plants a bomb on the bottom of Daisy’s car.

He goes back to see Carl, saying it was a piece of cake and in that outfit he could have ripped off the whole car. Carl tells him that they will blow off the wheel on Daisy’s car, causing her to loose control and allowing them to get the diamond while everyone is distracted by Daisy’s death.

Before the run starts, Carl and Julian get in a chopper and fly over the start location. As he flies the chopper, he says they need to be fast in and fast out. Carl says he’ll leave it Julian and Julian asks about Cooper. Carl says they will ‘give him the can.’

After a bit he asks if Carl sees Daisy, which Carl confirms and says to wait until the cost is clear and they are on the Mexican side of the boarder. They get a good look at Daisy’s car and he notices the can is missing. When he asks where it is, Carl suggests Daisy put it in the back. He asks if he should ‘let her down now’ but Carl notices another vehicle. As soon as it turns off he tells Julian to put the chopper down. They detonate the explosive and watch Daisy loose control. They land to get the diamond however Turk and Enos arrive. Turk tackles him to the ground and he is arrested.