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Junior Harper is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Duke vs. Duke[]

After getting their lessons for the day, he says that his ma’s rule three is to only deal from the bottom of the deck when you have to, which is all the time.

When the phone rings, the three follow their mother out to answer it. They hear it is Boss Hogg. As the conversation continues his mother says that if Boss Hogg loses his bet, she will send Junior to pick up the losings. Ma explains that boss only bets on sure things and that is why she is going to make the same bet with another Bookie, adding $5,000 to make a profit. She then remarks 'come children' and he follows her back into the house.

Later they listen to their mom talk to Boss, doubling his bet on Rosco and she says if he loses she will send all three boys. Ma tells them they are headed to Hazzard to insure their bets.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest, meeting Daisy before following his mom into Boss Hogg’s office. Ma introduces him to Boss and he reaches to shake his hand. However Boss grabs his arm and puts it to Rosco’s hand saying ‘Meet Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane’. He squeezes Rosco’s hand until his mom tells him to turn Rosco lose as they aren’t ready yet. When their mother ‘reminds’ Boss about two mailed entries for the race so that Billy Boy and Billy Gene can enter, the three threaten Boss and he agrees to let them enter. After Ma expresses desire to see the secret weapon, he carries Rosco outside to his car, putting him in through the window and standing over him until Rosco agrees to show them. They watch Rosco jump and two other contestants drive through.

The next morning he waits where his mom tells him to after stealing Boss Hogg’s car by hot wiring it. After she arrives he picks her up from the car and carries her to Boss’. She tells him that he needs to get some tree branches and cover the car. If anyone comes along to drive it ‘over there’. He asks why can’t he just do that anyway, then he can ride back to town with her. She says because there is an engine in it worth a lot of money. He is told to put her down, so he places her in Boss car. He waves as she leaves before moving back to Cooter’s car and hiding it.

While Bo and Luke find and start uncovering the car, Junior jumps up to confront them. He tosses Bo aside and Bo punches him. He tosses Bo aside and Luke takes a swing at him. He grabs Luke but Bo jumps on his back. All three fall to the ground and Bo and Luke get under him. Bo and Luke kick him off and he falls down the hill to the bottom. He yells at Bo and Luke saying he’ll get them if it’s the last thing he does. He tries to climb up the hill yelling they won’t get away with it. He keeps trying, saying he will break every bone in their bodies when he gets up there. He adds they will be sorry they ever tangled with him and they leave.

After the race they collect Boss Hogg's losings and return home to be arrested by the State Police.