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Kate Baxley, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Coy vs. Vance[]

After putting on a show in Hatchape, she goes ahead of Kate to Hazzard. When Billie shows up with Coy, who Billie had been dating, she glares and crosses her arms. When Coy greets her and asks if she had a good ride, she tells him it was all downhill and when Billie says Hazzard seems a cozy little town she says it’s not bad. Coy addresses her as ‘Sis’ saying it will grow on her. She asks if he thinks so and Coy says they will pretty up the place. Furious, she says time is wasting and storms off the get the bags but Coy quickly jumps in saying he wants to help. She reluctantly lets him as they go into the bed and breakfast.

After getting settled, they dress up their motorcycles to look like police bikes and disguise themselves as police officers before finding Boss Hogg’s Cadillac. They spot Boss and Rosco and using a voice manipulator to sound like a man, order them to pull over. When refuses she insists and Rosco pulls over. When Rosco does, he protests and she tells him to shut up. When Boss tries to talk she tells him to shut up too before drawing a gun and telling them to get out and ‘spread ‘em’. She pats down Rosco, taking what little he has before getting on her bike and leaving.

After getting the their hideout, they take off the disguises, celebrating. She praises Billie, saying she was great. She says that if Rosco is a sample of the law around there, then they are going to like it there. When Billie Ann hints about being happy with Coy, she gets upset and says they have a great set up there and for Billie not to ‘louse’ it up before the big hit. When Billie asks how she is going to do that, she agrees to spell it out, spelling Coy’s full name. She adds that Billie Ann wouldn’t want anything to happen to Coy before ordering her around.

They next day they pull over a man to rob when they see Enos pull up. Kate yells for them to get out of there. They drive away from Enos, losing him when he jumps into a pond.

While waiting for Coy to come pick them up for the Boar’s Nest, they hear a fight outside the hotel and run out to see Coy, Vance, and Daisy. Coy says that Vance was snooping around the van and she tells Vance that if he was so anxious to see what was inside, then to go right ahead as it’s open. When Vance finds it is empty, she asks what he expected to find. Coy tells her the police uniforms and she, acting outraged, asks that Vance thinks they are the crooked smokey s. Vance apologizes and he and Daisy leaves. She closes the van, snapping to the others saying ‘imagine, accusing us of dressing up like cops and robbing people’. She adds ‘that cousin of yours Coy’ and when Coy says for them to just go get some lunch she remarks ‘sounds good to me.’

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest to learn that Boss demoted Rosco and made Enos the Sheriff. When Coy invites Enos to join them for a picnic to celebrate, Enos declines saying he has official business. Interested, Kate grabs his arm asking what is more important then celebrating a big promotion. Enos admits he has a top secret mission in the morning of moving all the cash receipts from the Boar’s Nest to the Bank. She smirks to Billie Ann, showing she plans to steal it. As Enos leaves, she waves goodbye.

The next morning they pack to leave and take everything to the van. Billie Ann says she wants to stay another week and Kate says one week and they will end up in jail. As she drives out of town, she tells Billie Ann that she doesn’t care. When Billie Ann insists she is serious about Coy, she tells her sister that she warned her about getting involved. She says she is tired of arguing and if Billie Ann wants, she can stay in the town but as soon as the hit is made, she’s leaving town.

They arrive at the barn and she starts getting ready. She hears Vance come into the barn and confront Billie Ann. When Vance asks where she is, she comes out of a hiding spot behind him with a gun, telling him to get his hands up. Vance suddenly grabs the gun and they wrestle for it. She yells for Billie Ann to help her and after a moment Billie Ann knocks Vance unconscious. She gives Billie Ann some rope and they begin tying Vance up. When Billie Ann asks if Vance is okay, she says he’s just having some beauty rest although he doesn’t need it. Billie Ann asks if they can call the whole thing off and she says there is no way and it’s too late now since Vance saw them. When Billie Ann says she doesn’t want to leave Coy, she yells for her to forget Coy and they need to move.

After tying up Vance, she says they will come back and take care of Vance later before putting on her helmet.

They set up an ambush for the police officers but Billie Ann starts to get nervous. She tells her sister not to worry, that they are on the right road.

Enos, Boss, and Rosco come by and she happily says that it’s them and to nail them. She gives chase with Kate following. To get the officer’s attention, they start firing into the air. When the two cars run off the road, she stops and holds a gun at them, telling them to put their guns down. She then had Boss hand over the money and they head back to their hideout.

Upon their return, they find Vance is gone. Hearing a car coming, she tells Billie Ann they need to make a run for it. As they drive off on their stunt bikes, the General Lee follows. They try to lose the general by jumping a creek, going through a drain pipe, and jumping a construction site but the General remains behind them. She starts shooting at the cousins but Kate protests that Coy is back there. She says it’s the boys or them and continues to shoot. Billie Ann causes them both to fall off their bikes. Before she can get up, Vance takes her gun and takes custody of her. She is arrested and sent to jail.