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Kelly, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Having learned that an armored truck will come through Hazzard with a million dollars, Kelly, Woody, and Arnie plan to rob it.


Too Many Roscos[]

While Boss Hogg, Rosco, and Enos practice receiving a money truck that will deliver one million dollars, Arnie and Kelly watch from their car. Kelly records the entire thing.

Back at their hideout, they watch the tape again and he hears Arnie asks if Woody has seen enough and Woody says ‘I suppose so’ he remarks that after a month of studying him and all the information they know about the Sheriff, Woody better know so. Woody assures them he will be fine. When Arnie remarks that he can’t tell the difference between Woody and Rosco, he remarks that he can’t either and neither will the armored truck guard. Arnie and Kelly leave to get Rosco.

They go to town, watching Rosco exit the Police Department and agrees to wait until Rosco leaves town. He watches Rosco attempt to give Bo and Luke Duke a ticket, but the boys drive away and Rosco chases them. They follow Rosco.

They split off onto another road before returning to the main one, ramming into Rosco and sending him into a pond. When Rosco climbs out of the pond, they stop and capture him.

After taking Rosco back to the hideout, they tie him to a chair. Rosco says he’s got it figured out and this is a kidnapping. Kelly tells him he’s wrong. When Rosco gets worked up, Arnie tells him to take off the blindfold and see if Rosco can figure it out. He does. Woody comes out and reveals their plan, telling Rosco that the armored car driver won’t know the difference between Woody and Rosco.

After going outside, he hears on the CB that Rosco is thought to be dead. He rushes into the hide out to inform the others. He asks Arnie what should they do and Arnie says they will have Woody tell them some story about how he saved himself and was just lost. Rosco accidentally gives them a good cover story.

The next morning he takes Woody to town. Woody shows him a make up job he did on himself to make it look like he hit his head. When Woody asks how it is, he glances over saying it’s good enough. He arrives in town and tells Woody that if any changes happen for the money’s arrival for Woody to give them a call. He tells Woody ‘good luck Sheriff’ as the man gets out. After he returns to the hide out.

As it gets closer to noon, Arnie and Kelly both check their watches for the time they need to leave. Later Woody calls and informs them the armored truck will be an hour late.

Woody calls them later and informs them that he’s being taken to Capitol City Hospital and they need to get him out. They untie Rosco and put him in a closet. They head out looking for the General Lee.

Kelly and Arnie go on the road to Capitol City when they spot the General Lee. They pull up alongside the General before ramming it. Woody forces Bo to stop the car and they cut the General off. They get out of the car, covering Bo and Luke with guns. Bo demands to know what they did with Rosco, but Woody has them put the boys in the car. After he drives him and Woody back to the hideout with their prisoners.

At the hideout, he secures Luke to a chair, telling the boys to sit tight because they aren’t going anywhere for a long time. After they leave to get to town.

They arrive in town and Woody leaves to the bank. He stays in the car to watch for the armored car. They watch the armored car arrive and Woody take the group hostage before Arnie and Kelly drive over. He waits in the car as Arnie and Woody lock up the armored car guards, Enos, and Boss before driving off with the two and the money.

They escape out of town before they are nearly hit by a jeep and forced down a new road. A few moments later they are forced down another road by a pickup. Then the General Lee catches up with them, hitting them and they go into a pond. They swim to shore where Bo, Luke, and Rosco take custody of him. He is arrested.