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Ken Collins is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


New Deputy in Town[]

He is tasked with moving Rafe Logan to Atlanta. As he drives, Rafe asks if they are stopping. He tells Logan not to worry about it and Collin’s gets him to Atlanta, Rafe will be ‘nice and fresh’ for that grand jury. He confirms they will stop.

As he drives, Rafe Logan tries to bait him, calling him an old man which he ignores.

He uses the CB to call the Hazzard County Sheriff. Sheriff Barnes answers the call and he introduces himself an explains he is coming through Hazzard about five with a prisoner and he would like the use the jail facilities if possible for the night. The Sheriff agrees.

They pull up to the Hazzard Police Department and he tells Logan that if he wants to try something foolish, to just tickle him to death. He tells Rafe to get out, and they both do. He then tells Rafe to move to the side, both orders Rafe follows. They go inside and he sees Linda May, smiling in greeting before saying he thinks he will like it there. When Rafe complains he tells him to shut up and that Rafe was the one who wanted to stop so they are stopping. He asks Linda May if she can watch Rafe so he can wash up. She points to where the bathroom is and he starts walking before he is hit from behind, being knocked out.

After Denny, Linda May, and Rafe are all arrested, he takes custody of them from Rosco and Cletus before transporting all three to Atlanta.