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Kenny Carson is a character from the series Enos.


The Hostage[]

While on the street he hears Turk call him and turns around, shaking Turk’s hand and saying he is clean, clean and clear adding ‘scout’s honor’. Turk asks that means he’s morally straight to which he agrees before Enos says it’s nice to meet a fellow scout. He is confused but shakes Enos’ hand. Turk introduces him to his partner Enos Strate and Kenny says it’s ‘glad to know you.’ Turk says he needs a favor and Kenny says he owes Turk one. Turk says they need to get their hands on some good looking twenty dollar plates pronto. He strokes his chin before saying ‘no problem’ and that a couple dudes came through earlier that morning trying to unload and some real nice plates. Turk asks if he can set it up and he asks ‘does a goat have lambs?’ Turk tells him no, goats have kids. Enos agrees that goats have kids and he tells them this is his game, his turf and they got to trust him. They both agree.