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L.S. Handley is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Sadie Hogg Day[]

He calls Boss Hogg an introduces himself before explaining he will be coming by the next day at 2pm to see Boss. Boss remarks that it’s ‘neighborly’ of him and he corrects Boss saying they are making a regional bank audit of all the banks in the area checking for any possible embezzling of funds. Boss starts chocking and he asks if he’s aright. Boss says a ‘morsel of my knuckle went down the wrong way’. Boss remarks he’s fine now and he remarks ‘well good’ before saying he will see Boss the next day at 2 before hanging up.

The next day he sets out for Hazzard. At two o’clock he arrives and goes into the bank. Boss and Lulu meet him at the door, shaking his hand and welcoming him to Hazzard. Boss continues to shake his hand for a long period before bowing to him, introducing himself as ‘Hogg. J.D. Hogg. Jefferson Davis Hogg.’ And introducing Lulu. He is uncomfortable before his hand is given to Lulu. Boss sends Lulu to get him bon-bons before taking his hand back. He pulls free of Boss saying he is not interested in bon-bons and wants to see the ledger. Boss asks why not and starts shaking his hand again, saying he thinks Handley would like bon-bons. He says again he just wants to see the ledger.

He gets annoyed by Boss stalling, telling him he wants the ledger. Lulu tells Boss that Rosco is calling and Boss leaves. Lulu stops him from going after Boss, offering him a bon-bon. When Boss comes back over he tries to ask to see the ledger again but Boss says he has to go on important county business that is a matter of life and death, his. Boss and Lulu leave and he watches them leave. He goes outside to follow, trying to stop him. Daisy and Jesse approach him and say for him to come with them if he wants to get to the bottom of it. He agrees and follows them.

He gets into Jesse’s pickup and rides with them. They drive into the junk yard and stop at the incinerator. He approaches Boss, who is surprised to see him saying he sure does get around. Boss says he’s glad he’s there. He asks where the bank ledger is and Bo calls him over saying ‘right here’. Bo and Luke show him the book. Boss says he’ll find that everything is in order. Luke reads the ledger to show the funds were distributed in Hogg’s businesses. Furious he looks over the ledger with the boys. He forces Boss to pay it all back.