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Lacey is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Nothin' But the Truth[]

He sits in the back of the Livery Stable that they set up as a casino. Boss says business is booming and he just grin. Boss says that they are lucky he had the stable as they had no other safe place with the state gambling commission cracking down. He sees his men are unamused. He remarks ‘Hogg’ is being well taken care of and 30% of the daily take is a good rent. Boss reminds him that rent also gets him police protection and he hands over Boss’ cut. Boss says it wasn’t easy to buy off the Sheriff and he remarks ‘if you’re looking for a raise Hogg, forget it!’ having yelled the last comments. Boss gets a call about the State Crime Commission coming into Hazzard that afternoon and he remarks that it looks like they should close down and move on. He takes the money back from Boss and Boss tells him he’s prepared for this and has someone already set up to take the fall. Boss tries to take the money back but he holds onto it.

Boss calls him later to tell him he’s coming out to get him money and the State Crime Commission is taken care of.

After his boys informed him about the Dukes following the tour bus’, he heads out to go see Boss to deal with the Dukes.

He arrives at Boss’ office hearing him tell Jesse that he plans to spill the bean. When Boss hangs up, he and his men approach him and say they were in the room as he was talking.

After they arrive at the stable, he counts the money for the day. He tells his boys that as soon as it gets dark they are to take Boss and ‘dress him up nice and warm in a cement overcoat and drop him in Sunset Lake’.

They hear a commotion from the casino and he starts packing up his money, asking ‘what’s that?’ They come out into the main room to see a fight and he starts yelling for them to break it up and stop busting up the place. As he tries to get people under control, he sees Bo and Luke slip out with Hogg. They charge after them, saying he won’t let the double crosser get away alive. He shoots after the General before getting in his car and driving after them.

He chases after the Dukes as he and his men shoot. They come up to Clover crossing where a large car pile-up is, the Dukes having jumped over it, and crash into the vehicles. He and his men are arrested by Rosco and Cletus.