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Lady, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


The Treasure of Soggy Marsh[]

An employee of Hogg’s Happy Health Club, she is called to Boss Hogg’s office at the Boar’s Nest after he fell into Soggy Marsh. She dries his hair and he tells her to get it real dry so he doesn’t get pneumonia before he gets that half a million. The phone rings and Rosco says it’s Sheriff Little, giving her a smile that she returns. She then moves away to change towels. She returns to see Rosco accidentally straggling Boss with a phone cord. She starts drying off Boss’s legs, hearing him say that boys need to be kept away from Soggy Marsh. They decide to call Enos and Boss gives her fifty dollars, ten for drying his hair and forty to keep quiet about everything that happened I the office.

She messages Boss while Rosco tries to help.

She gives Boss a manicure until they hear Daisy on the C.B. announce seeing some men pull a box out of Soggy Marsh. Boss and Rosco get excited about money and leaves. Boss gives her money saying ‘monkey do, monkey see, but monkey don’t talk because monkey’s been paid off’. She accepts it and starts cleaning her own nails.