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Laura Bardsley is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Laura works as an Assistant Professor in History for the state University. After the university receives a letter about a regimental payroll that was buried in Hazzard, she is sent to look for the four markers that will lead to the orders.


Treasure of Hazzard[]

Laura arrives in Hazzard County when the General Lee comes up behind her. Bo Duke honks to try and get her attention but she ignores him. He tries again and she gets annoyed. She continues to drive when Bo and Luke pass her. However she is stunned when the bridge collapses on them. She stops and gets out, meeting Bo and Luke officially. They ask her to go to town and get Cooter.

At the Hazzard Garage she talks to Cooter and he tells her not to worry about a thing and he’s gotten those boys out of worse fixes than that. She says she can believe it. She asks him where she can find the County Commissioner and he tells her she is looking for Mr. J.D. ‘Boss’ Hogg and she can find him over at the Boar’s Nest which is two miles down on highway 36. He mentions he’s curious and asks why Bo didn’t come with her. She smiles saying not to think Bo didn’t suggest it and after they share a laugh she thanks Cooter before leaving.

She goes to meet Boss Hogg and Lester Crabb. After Boss and Lester bicker, Boss asks what he can do for her. She explains that recently the university received a letter from Lieutenant General Atkinson dated from 1862 from ‘The battle of Hazzard’. She explains the letter concerns a regimental payroll that the General was ordered to bury. Boss asks that this would be for a whole regiment and she says the letter says it’s a north to south line from Denton’s Farm to Indian Bluff and an East to West Line from Cumberland Marker to Wayside Chapel. Boss gets excited asking what are they waiting around for before telling her he had never heard of any of those places. Laura explains that those places have probably changed their names and she asks if there is any families of the original settler’s. Boss says no but Lester tells her the Dukes on Old Mill Road can help her. She thanks them and leaves to go find them.

She goes to the Duke Farm and has coffee with Bo, Luke, Jesse, and Daisy; sitting next to Luke. Jesse tells her that his grandma had lost her property but her name was originally Denton and that her land was taken by a man named Watherby. Bo tells her that farm must be her north marker. Bo suggests Henderson Ridge as the south marker and Jesse agrees, making her smile as they mark the map. She explains the university had records of an old trail from the 1750’s but all the maps were lost. Jesse says he had a list from his family and he shows them where the map says about the Cumberland marker and the McCobb family will know it's exact location. When the younger Dukes don't recognize the name, Jesse explains Jeb McCobb keeps to the swamp so his granddaughters won't run into any temptations. When Jesse teases Bo about being a ‘temptation’ she and Luke laughs.

She rides to the marsh in her car with Luke driving and Bo and Jesse in the back. After arriving at Zach’s landing, she gets in a boat with the others. She sits with Luke, grabbing him when they see a number of gators in the water. When they get stuck she stands up with Luke. Jesse tries to tell her to sit down but the boat moves and she falls in the water. An alligator comes after her and she screams. Bo dives in and starts wrestling the alligator, allowing her to swim back to the boat. She swims around the other side as Luke instructed her and Luke helps her in the boat. Bo gets in asking if she’s alright and she tells him she had never been so scared in her life. She helps Bo take his wet shirt off before they dock on the riverside. When they split up to find the McCobb’s, she goes with Luke. After hearing a gunshot they follow it to find Bo in a net with Jeb McCobb’s granddaughters holding him and Jeb aiming a gun at him. Jesse challenges Jeb on his moonshine abilities and Jeb invites them up to the house.

At Jeb’s place she sits next to Luke as the others talk about the Cumberland marker. Jeb says he will show Jesse.

At the Farm, she sits with the Dukes as they go over the map. While Jesse is talking about the historic society, her and Luke are looking at each other. As the others head to bed, Luke says that they will have the strong box dug up by 11 and have her headed to school. He remarks sometimes a fella can’t win and she goes to talk to him but Daisy says it’s bed time. Luke tells her goodnight and she goes with Daisy.

She is woken by Daisy and they find a strange person in Daisy’s room. They beat the person out to find it was Lester Crabb. She stands with Luke as Jesse confronts him.

The next morning she rides with Bo, Luke, and Jesse in the General to Colonial City, listening to Daisy on the C.B. lay a fake trail. She is amused when Lester takes the bait. Bo says that should keep the Sheriff off them and she says she just wonders who else they are fighting.

They meet with James and Stacy at the Colonial Historic society and she sits with Luke as they find the church she was looking for. She gets excited saying they found the last marker. She thanks both of them before leaving with the Dukes.

They go to where the box was supposed to be and she watches Bo and Luke dig. When Jesse suggests they might not be in the right place she argues it must be. Luke and Bo hit something and she gets excited. She remarks they found it and she will never be able to thank them for all they have done. They are approached by Stacy and James who have guns on them. James explains she is well known in academic circles and when Bo and Luke go to attack him, Stacy puts the gun on her. The boys stop. Stacy pushes her to Luke and she hides behind him as Stacy shoots out the General’s tires before leaving with the strong box. She then goes to watch Bo and Luke change the tires on the General Lee.

After the boys are done, Luke helps her in the General. They ride to Zach’s landing where Stacy and James steal a boat. Bo and Luke get out to follow by water and she stays with Jesse to cut them off by road. As Jesse curses the marsh, she comments that it looks like someone has been hurt, seeing a person laying on the road. When they stop however she sees it was Stacy and James. They are moved to the side of the road when Bo, Luke, Sam, and Gerry arrive. She watches the boys stop Stacy and James with dynamite arrows. She stands with Bo, Luke, and Jesse as Daisy and the twins take down the thieves. After Daisy reclaims the box, Boss wants to take it for evidence. She offers to let him keep all the money in the box if she can have everything else. She takes the orders to bury the confederate payroll before going back to Luke.