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Laverne is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Cletus Falls in Love[]

While heading out for lunch, she sees Bo and Luke as they come into the bank. Bo greats her to which she smiles and greats back. Bo asks if she can take care of them but she apologizes and says she is going to lunch and they’ll have to see Mr. Hogg.

Later that afternoon she is walking in town when Cletus, in a suit with a box of candy, walks by her. Happily she greets him saying ‘hi Cletus’ but he ignores her.

Later when Cletus gets his job back as a deputy, she waits for him outside with flowers. She goes over to him and gives him the flowers. Cletus says she is his kind of gal and they leave on a date.

Dukescam Scam[]

After opening the bank, she services Mr. Derfus. As Rosco approaches her, she greets him but tells him she will be with him after she puts the items in her hands in the vault. Rosco says he appreciates it. She goes into the vault to put the item in before turning and leaving. She pauses in the door as she realizes that all the money that was supposed to be there was gone. She screams. Rosco, Jesse, Bo, and Luke run over. She tells them that the money is gone and they have been robbed. Rosco asks who would rob the bank with the Sheriff there. Upset she gets in his face saying all the cashes boxes are empty and they were full when she put them in last night. Luke asks if anyone had been in there since and she says just Boss Hogg that morning. She says he came in with a suitcase, came out quick, and left even quicker. Looking out the window she sees him getting in his car and tells them ‘well there’s Boss Hogg now, ask him yourself’. As the Dukes leave to chase after Boss, Jesse hands her his payment.

While at work the next day, Boss, Rosco, Luke, Bo, Daisy, Jesse, and Cooter all come in. She starts yelling at him, asking where Boss has been. She chases after him and says she didn’t know what to do. She hears Boss show Jesse that he took the moved the money from the side of the vault she has been using for years to another part of the vault. When Rosco accidentally locks Jesse and Boss in the vault, Luke asks if she would mind opening it for them. Laverne gives them all a horrified look saying ‘oh my lord, I don’t know the combination and it’s on a time lock.’ When Bo snaps at Rosco saying now they have to wait she adds ‘it’ll be too late by then Bo’ saying that when the vault door locks there is only about an hour worth of air in it. Rosco asks if she’s kidding, calling her ‘lady’ asking that is only sixty minutes of air. As they all try to figure out what to do, Luke asks her if there is anyone else who knows the combination. She apologizes saying it’s just Boss Hogg before remembering that Emery Potter knows it. She watches Bo and Luke leave to find him. Later Cletus comes in to cash what is left of his paycheck, surprised to learn Boss and Jesse are in the vault.

She watches the boys arrive with Emery but Emery feints. Luke opens the vault and saves Boss and Jesse. When Boss denies having told Jesse about his scam, Luke asks her if there is a recorder in the vault. She confirms it and points it out to Luke. She watches Jesse and Boss work out the return of the Duke Farm to Jesse in exchange for the tape.

Duke in Danger[]

Boss calls her to see if Jesse Duke had made his mortgage payment yet. She says he hasn't and Boss tells her when three o'clock rolls around to close up the bank. At three he calls again, telling her to lock the doors as the bank is closed. She does.

That night Cletus calls her, telling her that he is THE law and order in Hazzard. He tells her that with him on the job she is safe as a penny in Boss Hogg's bank before yelling and accidentally hanging up.