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Lavinia, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


The Great Insurance Fraud[]

She waits for Ward at their RV, sunbathing. When he returns she asks how it went and he confirms the phony insurance racket Boss Hogg was running is just like they heard. She asks if he bought a policy and when Ward confirms, she stands up and walks over to him. He shows her the policy for 1 million dollars. She tells him all they need to do now is fake an accident and start counting the money. She hugs him in excitement before leaving to get into ‘working clothes’. Ward calls out to her and when she responds he tells her ‘nevermind’.

She follows Ward to town and watches him interact with Cooter from across the street in a yellow car.

After meeting up with Ward on a road outside of town, she stands by the car and looks for anyone coming by. Ward explains the bomb he rigged up to her and she tells him she will wait for him and to be careful. She watches from the yellow car as Ward drives the brown car over a cliff. She picks up Ward and they leave.

At the RV, they drink to celebrate and Ward says they couldn’t have planned it any better than with the second car. She laughs saying by the time she gets done with Boss Hogg tomorrow he’ll be too scared not to pay up, then she’ll be attending a million-dollar wake.

The next day she is out driving when she sees Vance and Coy driving toward bottomless lake. She calls Ward and informs him of the boys activities. She tells him to ‘take care of it’.

She arrives at the Boar’s Nest, going to Boss’ office and asks if she can disturb him for a minute. She agrees and she introduces herself as an attorney who is representing the ‘late Ward Davis’ estate. When asked for her reason she tells him she has a million reasons, being the insurance policy that Davis had that he mailed to her a few hours before the accident. She tells Boss she is the beneficiary and Boss owes her one million dollars. Boss tells her she can’t prove it was Ward and she tells him to check the license plate as it was Ward’s. She adds that Cooter can attest that Ward was in the car as he got gas there and that the answering service will confirm that Ward made a phone call. Boss insists that no insurance would pay off that quickly. She tells him that she knows the whole thing is a fraud and threatens to get the state involved. She gives Boss twenty four hours before leaving, shoving a sausage in his mouth.

Lavinia goes to Cooter’s garage and gets gas. Cooter talks to her and she pays him for the gas before leaving. She turns down an alley and notices Vance follow her out of town. She speeds up but nearly hits a truck, forcing her to turn down a dirt road. She gets back to the RV and heads inside, suspecting Vance is still behind her.

Vance knocks on the door a few moments later and asks if he can talk to her. She agrees and invites him to sit with her and have some lemonade. Vance agrees and they sit at the picnic table while she watches Ward come up behind him and knock him out. When Ward asks how much she thinks Vance knows, she says enough to follow her despite her trying to shake him off. She puts a gag in Vance’s mouth, saying she’ll call Boss Hogg and make a quick deal.

She calls Boss on the C.B. and he asks what she wants. She says she thinks she was too rough on him and she might be persuaded to take 25 cents on the dollar if he can be ready in 45 minutes. Boss protests and she says she knows he’ll do it. She and Ward conclude they won.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest and she goes inside to collect the money from Boss and Rosco. Boss tries to cheat her out of ten thousand dollars but Rosco points it out. Alarmed she checks the money and confirms it, threatening to involve the State. Boss gives her the money but Daisy comes in and reveals Lavinia for a fake. Ward comes in to help her and while he covers Boss, Rosco, and Daisy she disarms Rosco. She watches Ward put the others in a closet. She asks what they are going to do with Daisy and Ward says they are taking her with them. They go outside to see Ringo has arrived. She comments ‘right on the dot’ before getting in, Ward and Daisy after her.

Daisy wakes up as they get in the air and in desperation, attacks Ringo. Lavinia and Ward quickly attempt to pull her off. As they succeed she learns that Vance got on the side of the chopper and was dumping their fuel. Ringo lands and she runs for it. When Vance grabs Ward, she goes to shoot Vance but is grabbed by Coy and captured. Rosco arrests them and puts them in a jail cell.