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Leeman is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Dukes in Danger[]

While being transported by Randall to the State Pen, he sits in the back seat with Hammer when they see The General Lee drive by with a police officer chasing in reverse. He turns around to watch the odd scene just before Randall goes off the road, flipping the car. He gets out of the car, yelling at Randall, asking if he is trying to get them killed. He grabs his arm, that he hurt in the accident, before moving to check on the guard. Seeing he’s unconscious, Leeman grabs his keys and un-cuffs Hammer. As Hammer goes to un-cuff him he hurries the other along, not wanting Randall to wake. He pulls out the guns and CB from the car. Then he grabs Randal’s bag before they leave.

Leeman and Hammer find the Duke Farm and hear Daisy and Jesse talk about mortgage money. He jumps out from behind the truck, gun drawn, telling them to hold it and that they aren’t going anywhere. Jesse asks what is going on and he says to get out ‘and we’ll tell you pa-pi’. Daisy suddenly slams Jesse’s door shut, knocking him off balance as she attacks Hammer. Jesse gets out as Hammer grabs Daisy and he comments that is real smart. He takes the mortgage money from Jesse. Jesse says they got the money so they should hit the road. He refuses saying they kind of like it there as it’s a nice cozy place. He tells them to move it and they go inside.

While they watch Jesse and Daisy cook, they hear a car. He pulls out his gun, saying not a sound out of them  before hiding behind a door. He hears Bo and Luke come in and when Bo yells ‘go for it Luke’ he comes into the kitchen, telling Luke he isn’t running anywhere. He sees Hammer hitting Bo and yells after him, saying to ‘cool it’. Luke realizes they are escapees and asks why don’t they leave them alone. He says Luke has to be kidding him, that they were on their way to the Federal Pen and the roads must be crawling with law by now. He tells Hammer to take Bo and Luke into the other room, saying if they move a finger to waste them.

He goes into Bo and Luke’s room, going through their closet and taking some of their clothes. He goes back into the living room, tossing some down and telling Leeman to take his pick. They hear a horn and he gets up, telling Bo and Luke ‘not a sound out of you’. He looks out the window before calling Jesse over. Jesse says it’s ‘J.D. Hogg’ one of the town big wigs. He tells Hammer to take the boys in the back. He tells Jesse to get rid of Boss and no funny business as he’ll be watching them like a hawk. He hides in a closet. When he hears Boss insist he is not leaving, he comes out of the closet saying ‘you made your choice fatty’ and welcomes him to the ‘party’. Boss asks who he is dressed like a jailbird, to which Jesse says he is. Leeman snaps that who is he isn’t their business, calling him an overstuffed beanbag and saying he’s in it with the rest of them now. He calls Hammer to bring the boys back in. Boss protests he has nothing to do with the Dukes and goes to leave but he snaps at him, saying to ‘get back over there blimp before I let out your hot air’. However Luke bolts and Hammer chases after him.

He watches the others when they hear sirens and Boss says that whoever it is, works for him. Hammer and Luke come back in and Hammer says they need to go. He protests saying ‘no way’ and comments that it must be the busiest place in town. He tells Hammer to take Jesse and Daisy as he wants to watch the boys this time. Boss approaches him, asking to be let go but he screams for him to shut up. He makes Boss sit down before having Bo and Luke sit as well. He tells them to act natural and get rid of the Sheriff before he starts shooting. He hides in the closet. Within moments Flash comes to the door. He hears Rosco tell the boys about them escaping and Rosco opens the door, spotting him. He tells Rosco that he’s just going to have to join the party too. Rosco asks that he’s the convict to which he says ‘well get a man a cigar’. He tells Rosco to get his hands up and calls for Hammer. While distracted by Boss and Rosco arguing, Bo bolts out the door. He chases after Bo, tripping over the chairs. As he gets outside, Bo is driving the General and he shoots out a tire. He runs up to the drivers door and tells Bo to get out of the car. Bo starts to yell at him and he snaps to get out of the car. Bo does and he says that if Bo tries that one more time he won’t be shooting at the tires. Bo says he has no call holding them prisoner in their own house. He tells Bo to get inside. He yells for Bo to move it, which he does.

As they enter the house he shoves Bo over to Luke, yelling that they are starting to get him ticked off and the next time one of them runs they are not going to chase them, they are just going to shoot Daisy. Luke and Bo ask him to leave again and he says they aren’t running things, he is and they are going to lay low there for a long time. He tells Daisy to finish cooking. When Boss and Rosco go to take some of the fruit on the table, he pulls it off of Boss snapping ‘give me that’ and telling them to come with him to the living room. He comments that Boss is the ‘Boss Man’ around there and Boss tries to make him a deal. As Boss and Rosco bicker he snaps for them to cool it and says there is something Boss can do for him. He takes Boss into Bo and Luke’s room, shoving the apple he took into Rosco’s hand.

In the bedroom he asks Boss who the next in command is. Boss says that would be Cletus. He tells Boss to call Cletus and tell him that he is in charge and is not to bother Boss or the Sheriff. He adds for Boss to tell Cletus that they will be at the Duke Farm for a couple of days. Boss says he can’t remember what Leeman said, but when Leeman says he thinks Boss does while holding up his gun Boss quickly agrees. He watches Boss make the call.

Leeman goes around the farm, pulling the CB wires and cutting the phone lines. He also takes the car keys and gets  changed into other clothes. When he hears Jesse and Luke whispering, he tells them to button it up. He reminds them that if someone tries to escape again, they will kill Daisy. Hearing a vehicle, they look out the window to see Cooter arriving to deliver Dixie. They hide as the Dukes make Cooter leave. After Cooter is gone he comes out and takes tomatoes from Boss when he tries to eat.

While Hammer goes to check the barn, he watches the six captives. When Boss and Rosco fight over the biscuits he becomes annoyed and interrupts them saying ‘gentlemen, allow me’ before dumping the food in the trashcan. Hammer comes in and says they can put everyone in the barn for the night. The Dukes protest and Bo says he can’t do that but he tells Bo he can do anything he wants. He agrees saying they could use some peace and quiet. Boss tries to bribe him again and he says if Boss is talking cold hard cash he’ll listen. Rosco says he’s got cash, accidentally saying that Boss has a money belt. He pats Boss’ stomach saying ‘so this ain’t all belly’ and lifts up Boss’ jacket to see the belt. He pulls it off and opens it before smiling to Hammer saying ‘jackpot’.

He sleeps in the farm house and wakes up to Hammer running in the house, yelling for him. He and Hammer go back outside and he addresses the Dukes, telling them to come out with their hands up or they go in firing.. He sees Jesse holding a shotgun and warns Hammer before they take cover. He shoots at Jesse before diving for cover when shots are returned. At Hammer’s suggestion, they move toward the barn while Jesse reloads, but when Bo and Luke release arrows at them, they take cover again. He returns fire. As he does he sees Bo bolt for Dixie and shoots at Bo until he returns to the barn. Hammer returns from going in the house, Randall’s bag. After digging around for a moment he shows him the tear gas, to which Leeman praises him for it. He then covers Hammer long enough for him to toss it in the barn. Daisy tosses it back at them and it goes off, choking him. They flee to the Sheriff’s car and he shoots out the surrounding vehicles tires before they flee.

As they flee they pass Cletus, Cooter, and Randall who all give chase. He is surprised when a few miles down the road Bo and Luke join the chase. He decides to ‘put some bullets in them’ and starts shooting at the boys. He hits the windshield but a dynamite arrow causes Hammer to wreck. Bo pulls them out of the car as Luke holds him at arrow point. Bo takes the money belt and mortgage money. They are arrested by Randall.