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Lenny is a minor antagonist from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Diamonds in the Rough[]

While waiting for the diamond drop in Hazzard, they see the General Lee with Bo and Luke driving around. Noticing his partner pointing a rifle at the boys he covers the scope of the gun, asking if he’s ‘gone bananas?’ He reminds Frank they aren’t’ up there to kill nobody. Frank reminds him the diamond drop is due any minute and asks if he wants the boys to see it. He says it’s not there yet and maybe the boys will move off by then. When the drop happens the boys head toward it, Frank says he told him so and he tells him to shut up. As they watch the boys get the doll with the diamonds, he tells Frank to aim for the tires as all they want it the doll. After missing, Frank hands him the gun and they get in the car to chase. They catch up to the boys and he looks over a map. He thinks the boys are headed to ‘River Road’ and gives Frank directions to cut them off. As they chase the boys down a tunnel he is stunned to see a truck coming toward them. He yells for Frank to back up, which he does but they lose Bo and Luke.

He radio’s Lisa and tells her about the boys. She asks that they just let them get away and he snaps that no, they did not let them but that the boys just up and disappeared. Lisa starts to snap at them before suddenly asking what he said they were driving. He tells her it was an orange car with a confederate flag on the top. He says they aren’t giving up and are going to find them. Lisa asks if one was blonde and the other brunette. Surprised he asks how she knew that. She says they arrived at the Boar’s Nest and to take Highway 30.

As they pull up to the Boar’s Nest, they spot Lisa leaving. Lisa tells them to follow her and wait outside wherever they arrive until she signals them. He confirms they understand. They go to the Duke Farm and wait by the car.

As they watch the house, they become alarmed when Boss, Rosco, and Cletus arrive. After a few minutes he comments he don’t like the fuzz being down there this long and he wants to go down. However Frank says Lisa has it. After the police leave, they are signaled to come down.

They walk into the house to see Lisa has Jesse, Daisy, Bo, and Luke at gun point. When they ask about the diamonds Bo informs them that he accidentally tossed them into the car with the Sheriff. Lisa tells Frank and Lenny to stay with Jesse and Daisy while she and they boys go to town and get the doll. As they pass going out the door, Bo says ‘howdy’ to him and he snaps ‘just move it plow boy’.

He sits at the kitchen table with Daisy and Frank, eating cookies. Annoyed, Jesse pulls the cookie from him mouth and removes the whole cookie bowl.

When they hear Lisa and the boys get back, they head toward the kitchen to great her. He keeps Daisy and Jesse covered and notices Lisa has the doll. He is stunned when Daisy grabs it and flees into a nearby room. He goes to chase her but is attacked by Luke. They wrestle on the couch until Lisa shoots the ceiling again. He gets up and points a gun at Jesse. After they get the doll, they go outside and he gets in to drive the white car away with Lisa, Frank following in the blue car they were using.

They go to a nearby cliff and Frank and Lenny push the car off. As they drive away, Lisa discovers that Daisy had taken the diamonds out of the doll. Lisa says they are going back and they turn around.

As they head to the farm they see the General pass by them and they turn to follow the boys. The boys leave the road however and they are forced to take the long way around. After a bit they catch up to the Dukes again. A few moments later they are surprised when the Sheriff comes in behind them. They follow Bo and Luke until they are forced to stop, sliding into Mason’s car as he stops as well. They are arrested by Agent Caldwell.