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Lenny is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Dead and Alive[]

Lenny and Phil plan to steal an armored car. He lays in the middle of the road, pretending to be hurt, to lure out the driver. When Phil knocks out the driver, he looks the man over saying he’s out ‘colder than a frozen tv dinner’. Phil tells him to go get the car. He gets the car from the bushes and after Phil gets in, he drives away. Not long later they notice they are being followed by an orange car. A few moments later a Sheriff’s car follows and Phil thinks the Sheriff is after the orange car. They lose both vehicles.

As they drive, he says the first thing they do is ditch that car and pick up a new one. Phil disagrees but he says whoever was driving the orange car got a make on them so they better do something. Phil says they’ll paint the car.

After painting the car blue, he asks how far is Atlanta but Phil asks what is his hurry as no one is looking for a blue car. Phil says there is a place nearby called Hazzard and they can rob the bank there. He says they already got more than 50 grand in the trunk. Phil says he's greedy.

They arrive in Hazzard and begin casing the bank. While standing outside of it, they notice Sheriff Little arriving. They approach the Sheriff, who is putting up a poster of Bo and Luke Duke, and learn the two are being blamed for their crime. They learn there is a $500 reward for them. As little leaves, he remarks that they have those two figured for their job. Phil says they are going to turn in the boys to close the case.

While driving around and looking for the Duke boys, they hear Bo tell Jesse Duke over the CB that they are headed to Paxton Road.

They arrive to see Bo and Luke talking on a CB and come up behind the boys through the trees. The reveal their presence to the boys, saying they are making a citizens’ arrest. When Phil tells them about the wanted poster, he goes to show it to the boys but Bo hits him and knocks him down before the boys flee. They get in the car and follow the boys. Phil says for him to call the Sheriff and he remarks it sure feels funny to call the police. He calls for Sheriff Little, informing him that they are chasing the Dukes and need some help. He says they are on Paxton Road going west. They lose the boys however when they collide with Little and Enos.

They are picked up by Cooter Davenport and towed back to town. They go to Rachel’s Café and drink coffee while they wait for their car to be fixed.

They return to the garage as Cooter finishes up. He says they are all set before talking to Daisy and Jesse about Bo and Luke being arrested. They head to get the money from the tree they stashed it at.

As they pull out the money they hear a scream and pull out their guns to see Daisy and Jesse had followed them. They take the two back to the vehicles to hear Bo on the CB. He addresses Jesse as ‘pops’ saying he lied to them by saying the boys were in jail. They also learn there was a witness to their crime named Artie and he is with the boys. He remarks they are smack in the middle again. They tie up Jesse and Daisy and flee.

While he rides along, he says they should have taken the two as hostages but Phil reminds him how much worse a kidnapping wrap is. As they drive the boys fall in behind them, followed by Little and Rosco. He starts shooting at them and Little shoots back. They are cut off by the General Lee and wreck the car. Artie identifies them as the crooks and they are arrested by Little.