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Leo is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Mary Kaye's Baby[]

Leo works for Mr. McQuaid. After Mary Kaye steals money from him, they go to Hazzard and he listens as McQuaid explains to situation to Boss about why they are looking for the girl. When Boss says he doesn’t like how McQuaid says they will handle the situation, Leo explains that Mr. McQuaid will be a lot friendlier when he has his money back. As they leave he tosses the 8 ball to Boss.

When they reach the car, Leo asks how McQuaid keeps from cracking up with Boss Hogg. Leo asks about the comment of Boss staying out of Atlanta and McQuaid staying out of Hazzard. With a laugh McQuaid says that is fair and Leo agrees it’s fair to them.

They stop at a gas station and ask about Mary Kaye. After learning she is with Bo and Luke Duke and being given directions to the Duke Farm, he thanks the gas station attendant.  He gets in the car to drive. As they continue to drive they see the car with Mary Kaye in the back and he pulls over to block the boys from escaping. He runs over and covers Luke in the passenger seat with his pistol while Bo tries to talk to McQuaid. When Mary Kaye says they will have to take it, he moves to the back door, opening it and pointing a gun at Mary Kaye asking if Mr. McQuaid wants him to handle it. He tells Bo and Luke not to make any sudden moves before McQuaid tells him to help Mary Kaye out. He grabs her arm and starts pulling on her, ignoring Bo asking him not to hurt her. He is knocked free of Mary Kaye when the car starts speeding off and he starts shooting at it. They chase off after the car. On a bridge they see Boss and his driver. They walk over to him and he makes small talk with Boss’ driver before they go their separate ways.

They arrive on the Duke Farm and move toward the barn with guns drawn. While in the barn, they see Luke come out of the farm house. He comes up behind Luke and keeps a gun on him as McQuaid asks where his money is. Luke claims to have forgotten and he says no one forgets that much money. He gets distracted when they hear a baby cry and Luke breaks an egg on his head that he found in the barn before running. After getting the yoke off, he starts shooting at Luke but Luke gets into the farm house. They continue to fire at the house. They are startled when Bo and Luke come out, shooting arrows at them. He chases Bo and Luke into the woods, shooting a few times trying to hit them. He backs into McQuaid, Bo, and Luke before all four scatter again. When he hears a cop car, he fires at Rosco and Enos. Rosco shoots back, hitting him in the toe. He falls to the ground in pain and Enos arrests him, hand cuffing him to the Duke Family porch. He is taken away in the police car by Rosco and Enos and arrested.