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Leona Haye is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Find Loretta Lynn[]

Leona is riding with Loretta to the State Fair as her Road Manager when they are detoured to the Boar’s Nest. They are asked to come outside when they stop and she follows Loretta out, seeing Boss Hogg, Daisy, Bo, and Luke among others. Loretta introduces her to everyone. Boss shakes her hand saying it’s a pleasure to meet her and she says it’s a pleasure to meet him too but he brushes her off. Rosco then approaches her, introducing himself and taking her arm to escort her in the Boar’s Nest. They all get a picture with everyone in the Boar’s Nest, Leona standing by Daisy.

After, she talks a bit with Rosco until Bo and Cooter arrive, saying the bus is fixed. As they get ready to leave she is escorted to the bus by Rosco. She says goodbye to Rosco before getting on the bus with Loretta.

As they leave they find the bus driver isn’t their driver, but Bubba and they are told by Squirt that they have been kidnapped. After the bus is stashed, she stays with Loretta.

Loretta has her go get the makeup case, which she does. She brings it to Loretta trying to tell her that Hilda put in a new powder and Loretta tells her to talk about it later and put it on the counter, which she does.

Loretta tells her if they don’t do something soon, they are going to miss the show. She says she knows but asks what can they do. Loretta says she is going to create a distraction and she wants Leona to slip out and go get help. When the men start to fight, Loretta signals for her to run.

She runs with Bubba chasing her. She gets to a bridge and falls down but gets up and manages to hide, causing Bubba to run past her.She gets to a road and encounters Bo and Luke. They get out of the car and she tells them to take her to the police as Loretta is being held for a ransom. Bo says they can go get her and they take her back to the farm.

She sits down with the boys, Jesse, and Daisy and she tells them that she never saw anything but she could smell the most delicious ham. Luke says it’s out by the Smokehouse.

When they dress up Daisy to look like Loretta, she says Daisy looks terrific and Loretta would get a real hoot out of it. When Jesse asks if Daisy is ready to go, Daisy says she is a star now and they need to talk to her manager, making Leona laugh.

She is reunited with Loretta at the Boar’s Nest after the Dukes save her.