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Leroy Little is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


After Josiah Benson was thought to disappear with $2 million worth of diamonds, he and Hickey were hired by the insurance company to find the Benson's and the diamonds.


Good Neighbors Duke[]

He and his partner Hickey approach Cooter at the Garage, saying ‘Morning, Neighbor’. The ask about the Benson's and when Cooter explains he hasn’t seen Adam and Ester, who they are looking for, they leave.

As they leave, he asks Hickey that haven’t they been chasing rumors long enough. Hickey says that they’ll just ask a few more people and if they get nothing they’ll go to Tennessee. He argues that isn’t going to make the company too happy. He reminds Hickey they have been tracking the Benson's and diamonds for a long time. Hickey tells him that no one said their job was easy. He then gets in the truck.

In town they see two people and after looking at the pictures, he hands them over to Hickey asking what he thinks. They get out of the van to get a closer look. As they watch he says that if they take away the mans beard and mustache and add a few years to the girl, he’d think they were the same people. He is told that they are going to follow Bo and Luke back to the farm.

While Bo and Luke are working outside at the Venable Farm, they slip into the house. While searching the house, Hickey finds a bag with J.B. on it and he says that must be Josiah Benson. He asks where are the diamonds since Benson won’t tell them. He watches Hickey place a bug.

As they leave they drop their plate, not knowing . Bo and Luke follow them and they assume the boys saw them in the house. He speeds to escape the boys. He pulls out a gun to shoot at them but is told to put it away. They run Bo and Luke off the road.

After losing the boys they stop to listen to the bug and Hickey assures him the diamonds must be there.

Hickey tells him that he heard Benson is going to give Daisy a valuable package and he has a feeling Daisy will give it to them. They hear a knock on the van and Rosco brings them out, informing them that they don’t have a license plate. Hickey asks if that is why Bo and Luke chased them. He goes to speak but is silenced. He watches Hickey lie to Rosco about a Uranium deposit.

They head to the 'Venable Farm' and when Cletus asks them if they have a $15 toll, they drive through without paying.

When Daisy drives by, they fall in behind her. When they come up to a turn, he is told to make his move. He overtakes Daisy and pulls her over. He gets out and tells her to step down. She says he should give her a hand and he holds his hand out. Daisy kicks him and he falls into Hickey. Hickey tells him not to let Daisy get away. They get up and chase after her in the van. They go through the toll both and he runs up to Daisy after they stop. She punches him in the face and he falls down. They chase her. After losing sight of her they hear a twig snap and look up to see Daisy in a tree. He is tackled to the ground from behind by Bo. Bo hauls him up and hits him in the face. They run.

Back in the van he watches Hickey listen to the bug before being told to get out the map and find Widow’s Peak.

They wait at Widow’s Peak and when they see the Benson's they follow. They are ran off the road by Cooter and they confront him about his driving. They get back on the road and catch up to the van but they hear the Benson's talk about not having breaks and becomes alarmed. They see the car go off the road and explode. Believing the two to be dead, the report back to the company what happened.