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Les Sloane is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Runaway[]

A Private Investigator hired by C.J. Holmes to keep his daughter from getting married. He rides with Mitch as they are taking Suzy to Miami. They pull over at the Boar’s Nest after the radiator goes. Rosco approaches them and he and his partner Mitch introduce themselves. Rosco says he’s going to give them a ticket but Boss Hogg approaches them, asking that they claimed they are private investigators and he hands over their card. When asked what they are investigating he says their client’s daughter is going on an around the world cruise. He explains he works for C.J. Holmes. Bo and Luke arrive and they want Les and Mitch to get a ticket for their reckless driving but Boss refuses to have them ticketed. Bo and Luke drive away and Mitch sees that Suzy is gone. Boss says she probably is with the Duke boys. Boss tells them to stay and get their car fixed and Boss and Rosco will go get her. When Mitch pulls out a gun he tells him to watch it for now.

After getting the car fixed, they go to the telephone company to see Mabel. Mabel tells him she can’t say where the Duke boys went and he says it’s very important and a matter of life and death. They give her more money and she gives them directions to the Duke Farm.

They arrive at the Duke Farm and he sees Daisy and Suzy get in the yellow Plymouth. He tells his partner and they give chase. They catch Daisy’s car and get out to grab Suz,y only learn Daisy was the only one in the car.

They go to the telephone company and he calls C.J. who tells them he wants them to pick him up at the airport at 2:30. He tells C.J. ‘anything you say sir’ before adding ‘anything that your money says anyway’ after hanging up. He explains to Mitch what is going on. When Mitch refuses he reminds him if they don’t, C.J. is liable to take it out of their pay.

As they head to the airport he gets a call from Boss saying they have Suzy Holmes in the Police Department and she is available for immediate pickup but he wants them to have a talk with Holmes about a reward for their services. After hanging up he tells Mitch they got Suzy and it’s just in time to get them off the hook. They arrive at the police department to see Suzy flee with Bo and Luke. They get caught in traffic but when it opens up they join the chase for the General. Realizing the car is too far away, they instead go to the airport and pick up C.J.

C.J. lectures him as he drives and he agrees to go to the garage to see the local mechanic. They arrive at the garage and he approaches L.B. asking if he’s seen anything of an orange car. L.B. tells them he just saw the General a few minutes ago and they leave.

They go back to talk to C.J., hearing a local man address Jesse Duke. They confirm the man must be related to the boys who have Suzy. C.J. tells them to kidnap Jesse. They overrun Jesse in his pickup and kidnap him. He tells Bo and Luke over the CB that he has Jesse but Jesse wrestles for control of the mike, telling Luke not to make any kind of deal. He tells Luke they want to swap Suzy for Jesse. Luke asks for time and he offers him one hour and if they don’t radio in by then then they are not responsible for what happens to Jesse. After they get in the car again. While waiting to hear back from the boys, he listens to C.J. and Jesse talk.

Luke calls him and tells him they will agree to the swap but they want to do it at Crystal Lake Bridge. He and Mitch take Jesse onto the bridge and he tells Suzy it’s time to go. Fred runs up and punches him as Bo grabs him before throwing him into the lake. They climb out of the lake and chase the General. However the boys flood the road using a water tower, causing them to spin out and go in a ditch. C.J. gives up on the chase.