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Lester Crabb is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


He is known through Hazzard as the ‘traveling Sheriff’ and has worked in 14 counties. He uses the motto ‘Orders is orders’ and is not well liked by the townspeople. He has worked as a police officer in some capacity since the age of sixteen.


Treasure of Hazzard[]

He goes to see Boss Hogg and enters his office while Boss is practicing the interview. He says ‘hello Hogg’ startling Boss. Boss asks him why he couldn’t come in the door he was expected to like any normal human being. He remarks a normal human being gets themselves killed going in doors they are expected. Boss says it appears he is expecting to get the job as he came in uniform but Lester says he only wears uniforms since he was sixteen and became a lawman by lying about his age. Boss says he expects for Lester to have been working in the name of the law ever since and that is one of the reasons Boss asked him to come while Rosco is at the police academy. Lester says he is Boss’ to command and his motto is orders is orders. Boss says that is a good motto.

While with Boss meets Laura, he learns she is a teacher and he comments that he wishes they had teachers as pretty as her when he was in school. Boss asks how he can remember his one school day fifty years ago as that was the only time he was there. He sits down and listens to Laura explain about a letter mentioning ‘the battle of Hazzard’ to which Lester says that ‘some Yankees are still running’. When Laura asks if there are any descendants of the original settler’s, Boss says there isn’t but Lester tells her that the Duke Family ‘has been here so long they say their ancestors wore feathers’. He gets the door for her as she leaves. Boss asks him why he told her about the Dukes and he says he was just trying to help. Boss says he isn’t supposed to help her, but help him. He tells Lester to go to the Duke Farm and listen to find where the money is. Lester leaves.

He arrives at the farm and listens in. When Bo suggests Henderson Ridge, Jesse agrees it would be the Indian Bluffs. Hearing Jesse say that is the spot, he concludes that must be where the payroll is. He calls Boss on the C.B. and asks if he’s there to which Boss sarcastically says he’s sunning himself on the beach in Miami. He tells Boss that the payroll is in Henderson Ridge and he heard it from Jesse Duke. Boss tells him that is gospel and to go to Henderson Ridge and Boss will meet him there.

While Boss and Alex are at Henderson Ridge, he looks around with a metal detector. It beeps and he starts to dig, however he throws most of the dirt in Boss’ car.

Exhausted, Lester rests and Boss asks what is the matter and he tells him that he’s ‘tuckered’. Boss says the only metal he hasn’t dug out was the strong box and it’s because it isn’t there. Lester argues that he heard Jesse say it. Boss says that Lester saw them marking a map. Lester says they were writing with a pencil and Boss says that the point is they were writing it down. He tells Lester they are going to dig the strong box up in the morning after Lester steals the map tonight.

Lester pulls up to the Duke Farm and goes through the barn. He sneaks in a window, finding himself in Daisy’s bedroom. Daisy and Laura are started and start yelling and hitting him. He flees and Bo and Luke tackle him, knocking him out. Jesse wakes him up with a pot of dishwater and asks if he wants to try for the pot. He tells the Dukes that he was on patrol and saw someone around the Duke Farm and went to check. As he babbles Jesse cuts him off and says that whoever was in his house is escaping. He agrees before taking off.

The next morning Lester hears Daisy talking about finding the location of the strong box on map over the C.B. He calls Enos asking if he wants to help ‘pinch’ Daisy. Enos says that wouldn’t be polite and he says that isn’t what he means but rather he wants Enos to arrest Daisy for speeding. He tells Enos to go to the bridge and get Daisy. He finds Daisy and drives along side her saying he is going to give her a ticket for speeding. She argues that she’s going ten miles per hour under the speed limit and he says then he will give her a ticket for driving too slow and impeding traffic. Daisy says he’s got to catch her first before taking off.

After Enos pulls her over she says he doesn’t have anything on her. He takes the map saying the charge is ‘attempted litterbug’ and he is taking the map she was going to throw out. Daisy tries to get the map from him and he yells for Enos to help him. He tells Enos to write her up and when Enos argues he yells at him.

Lester bursts into Boss’ office announcing ‘I got it J.D.’. Boss tells him if he busts into his office again like that again he’ll get something else. Boss asks what he got and he pulls out the map saying he has the Duke’s treasure map. Boss happily takes it and Lester says it’s under the Boar’s Nest. Boss laughs happily saying that all that money was under his nose and Lester says it was closer to the other end. Boss gives him an axe and they start tearing up the floor.

After they get a significant amount of the floors destroyed, they hear Jesse telling Daisy over the C.B. that they found the box but it was stolen. He whines addressing Boss as ‘Hogg’. Boss tells him he will address him as ‘Boss, Chief, or even Master. But Not Hogg’. They hear that the thieves are headed south on Marsh Road. Boss says for them to go and he says if they don’t find the treasure he will make Lester replace each and every board.

Lester calls Enos and orders him to join the chase.

He and Boss find the thieves but are ran off the road by them and Daisy. He remarks that the area is all crawling with Dukes and Boss snaps ‘not crawling you fat road apple, they’re chasing’ and says they need to focus on the brown car the Dukes are chasing.

Boss and Lester arrive to see Daisy reclaim to strong box. He shoots off the lock on Boss’ order and they find that the money was only confederate money. He arrests Stacy and James.