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Lester Starr is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Daisy's Song[]

Owner of Lester Starr Recording Studio. He is a music pirate who creates phony advertisements to publish songs for $50 then hires sound a-likes to record the songs. While in his record studio he is counting money from his recent scam and is annoyed when Jojo at first blows him off due to listening to music. Annoyed he pulls off the headphones and repeats his question before Jojo tells him it’s all nearly done. He explains that he has some hot tracks coming in from Nashville and he wants them in their run for the day. After getting annoyed, he throws the headphones back at Jojo before going back to counting money. His secretary tells him that there are two boys here to see him and he tells her to send them in. Bo and Luke Duke come in and Lester greets them. When he sees Dodie is flirting with Bo, she sends her away before assuming they are there to play a song for him. Luke tells him he’s wrong and hands him a page of sheet music. Surprised that they apparently write their own music, he comments ‘heavy’ before looking it over. Luke explains their cousin wrote it and Lester notices that his company logo is on the paper. They say they heard Jessie Colter singing it on the radio before asking about the royalties. Lester looks to Jojo for help and tries to dissway the boys. Luke says if it was recorded there should have been a contract. He tells them that he knows nothing about that, as their cousin paid them to publish the song and that was the end of the transaction. He then tells them to leave as he’s very busy. Bo tells him if he isn’t going to be fair then they want their cousin’s money back. Lester snaps and asks Jojo if he heard Bo threaten him. He allows Jojo stand between him and the Dukes, Jojo confronting them for him, telling them to get out before Jojo ‘mails you back to tobacco road’. When Jojo makes them leave, Lester calls after them, taunting them and telling them to get out of there and that he doesn’t want to see their faces around there again.

He is startled a few minutes later when Bo and Luke confront him. He asks where Jojo is and Luke tells him all they want is the royalties or their $50 back and Bo asks if that is too much to ask for. He concludes they are nuts before Jojo comes in and is alarmed when Luke hits him, asking if Jojo is okay. However learning there is a raid, he runs over Jojo in his hurry to escape, tossing a tape to Bo, who catches it in surprise. He warns Boss Hogg of the raid and then flees out the back. He tries to get in his car but he realizes he doesn’t have his keys. He crawls into a cardboard box until the raid is over.

Later he is lounging in his home in River Pines on the phone with Boss Hogg, assuring him that there is nothing on them and they are fine. He is interrupted by the door bell and opens it to see Daisy Duke, who tells him she wants to be a star. In shock, he hangs up on Boss and invites her in. She remarks that she knows a lot of girls probably come by and use cheap tricks to try and get their career started and she decided to do the same, leaving him stunned at her outfit. He watches her in shock as she sits down, saying he thinks she made the right move. She tells him she will do anything to get him to listen to her tape, making him excited. He moves to kiss her and she stops him saying that if he wants to seduce her shouldn’t he be offering her a drink first. He tells her he will make her a star without even hearing her. He goes to kiss her again but she gets up and says she is going to play her tape. He stands up as she explains that she has a trick voice that she can do sound alikes and she decided to imitate a few living singers. Interested, he goes to listen and moves to hold her and kiss her, but Daisy pushes him back before playing the tape of Jessi Colter. He’s surprised and says that it does sound a little like her. Daisy plays the other side saying it’s her Loretta Lynn, and Starr gets amazed. Daisy plays the tape again at a different point, explaining that is her Donna Fargo. Starr looks at her in awe before announcing they are going to make a fortune. He agrees to hire her on the spot and starts to set up a meeting. He is surprised when Daisy starts to leave, asking where she is going and she tells him to just get the audition ready. Happy, he does. He blows a kiss to her as she leaves, which she returns. He calls Boss Hogg first, telling him that ‘this crazy chick’ can sound like anyone, briefly explaining that she doesn’t do ‘Kate Smith’ and telling Boss that he needs to listen to the radio more. Excited Boss agrees and decides he wants to hear the girl too. Starr agrees to set it all up but reminds Boss that these men are very nervous about the law. Boss reminds him that he owns Hazzard.

Later Daisy meets him at his place and they leave for the plant. He tries to kiss her in the car but Daisy pushes him off. They arrive at the plant in Hazzard and he talks to Daisy about dreams. He says Daisy is going to be his dream come true and he shows her the set up. He asks Jojo if he’s seen the Boss or the syndicate, to which Jojo says no. He then goes to kiss Daisy and she holds him off asking for the bathroom. He tells her where it is and watches her leave.

He helps get Boss and the syndicate settled before introducing Daisy. He is surprised to learn Boss and Daisy know each other and Boss says he doesn’t know anything about her before he backtracks saying they were both in the same church choir to which Daisy says Boss sings bass, surprising Starr. He is surprised when Daisy runs off to the bathroom and is followed by Boss and tries to laugh it off. He goes into the bathroom with both of them to ask what is going on and tell them everyone is getting edgy and drags Daisy out to sing. However they are distracted when a number of ladies pull up in an RV and he tries to smooth things over. While they are arguing, Ruby tries to get his attention but he pushes her away. After Bo announces the cops and FBI are on the way, they flee. They are caught in a traffic jam and watch the buildings be blown up by Bo and Luke. He is horrified and then annoyed when Jojo puts an arm on his shoulder in sympathy.