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Lil is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Arrest Jesse Duke[]

Lil is working for Boss Hogg with her friends to strip cars around Hazzard County. In nearly a month they have stripped about two dozen cars and resold the parts to the owners from their Auto Parts Store.

When Mr. Benswanger comes into Hazzard, the four shoot out his radiator. While he leaves to find a garage, they all rush to the car. She runs to the back of the car to start lifting it on a jack. When the car is up she helps Jane take off the back bumper. She then removes the tires before going back for their phony sign. They put everything in their jeeps. She rides in the yellow jeep with Jane. After reaching base camp they move everything into their truck before heading into town to their Dixie Auto Parts Store.

In the back of the store they start to count their money but Boss arrives. Boss explains no one can know that they are working together. They watch him take some of the money with annoyance. They hear that someone has been arrested for their scheme. Boss says when he turns this scheme national, each of them will have their own personal car stripping franchise and she looks at the others in amusement and disbelief.

They strip two more vehicles, a blue car and the General Lee.

Carla, Lil, and Sally arrive at the store after being out to notice the back door is open. Lil says it’s trouble. Annoyed they go back to the truck to get a crowbar, then head in. They sneak in but are spotted by Daisy. She moves to attack but is pushed back by Luke. Jane comes in with a gun to stop the Dukes. She asks what are they going to do with the Dukes and Carla says they are going to tie them up. While they Bo distracts them, Luke pushes over a shelf and she falls over. The three leave.

The four of them go to Boss’ office and Boss asks what are they doing there as he told them not to come to his office in town. They explain to him that the Dukes ripped off their Auto parts store. Hughie comes in, surprised to see them. Boss them ushers them out.

When they see a limo driving down the road, they shoot out the radiator and strip it after the two inhabitants leave. After taking all the parts the head to camp. At the base camp while Carla and Sally shower, her and Jane spot Bo. She approaches him with a rifle. When Bo notices he stands up asking what is a ‘nice girl like you doing in a place like this’ and she gestures with the rifle for him to move to Sally and Carla. She tells Carla that they got a peeper. When Carla says to tie up Bo on her jeep, she asks how come it’s Carla’s jeep. Bo tries to get involved but is silenced. They take him away and tie him to the red jeep.

The four women meet up at the jeep where Bo is tied up, asking what they are going to do. They are leaving Hazzard and Carla says they are taking Bo with them. She gets in the yellow jeep with Jane. As they drive, they notice the General Lee following them after a while. While Jane drives, she leans back to shoot at the General after Sally is taken out. When Luke shoots out their tire, she is forced to sit down and the jeep is forced to stop. Later the Dukes come back to pick her up and take her to town where she is arrested by Hughie.