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Lilly Blackwood is a minor character from the series Enos


Grits and Greens Strike Again[]

At around 10:30 pm she leaves the theater after the Silent Film Festival to go home when a young teen boy attacks her and takes both her purse and locket before getting in a yellow ‘hot rod’ and speeding off.

The next day two officers, Enos Strate and Turk Adams come to her door. Enos says they are police to which she sarcastically says ‘no’ and Enos quickly says ‘yes ma’am.’ She asks if they found her locket and Enos says no. Slightly annoyed she says she already made out a police report and closes the door. The officers knock again and she opens the door asking ‘yes?’. Turk explains they have been assigned to follow up on the case. She says that isn’t finding her locket and Turk agrees before asking if they can please come in and talk. She says no and Turk agrees to talk out there. She says the kid was between thirteen and fourteen, that he needed a bath and a spanking. She says the purse contained forty three dollars, which is everything she has until her next social security check. However the locket is priceless and on back it reads ‘forever Roger’. She tells them to just find the locket before going to close the door. Turk stops her, saying it’s dangerous to walk the streets at night in this neighborhood especially for an older person. Annoyed she snaps the first of all she wasn’t street walking. She says second, the neighborhood has gone to pot, literally, but she has lived their for over 50 years and she will walk it whenever she damn pleases. She says third, since age is relative she’s not an older person. She tells them to find the locket before closing the door again.

Later she hears a knock at her door and answers to see Enos with two bags of groceries, saying he has a delivery for her. She is stunned as Enos comes in, telling Enos that she didn’t order anything, but Enos puts the bags down on her table saying that when he joined the LAPD they were told to protect and serve. He says they may have been a bit late on the protecting but now he’s going to serve her. As he starts going over the groceries, she protests saying she doesn’t really need anything, that he shouldn’t have done this but it is terribly nice of him. She is amazed at the number of groceries and seeing green peas and onion she asks Enos if he’s ever had ‘peas fraswa’ Enos says no. She tells him there used to be a little French restaurant on Sunset boulevard and they used to go there, but Enos cuts over her having noticed her pictures on the wall. Enos asks that she was a movie star. Flustered she tells him she was ‘Lilly the Great’ back then and D.W. Griffith, the director, thought it was more glamorous.

She quickly starts going over the recipe for the food, saying she needs lettuces, butter, nutmeg, a pot. Enos says that silent movie that she was watching was probably one of hers. She says she went to see Roger, that it was the only film they ever made together. Enos asks if that was her husband and she laughs saying ‘good heavens no’ saying they had five bad marriages between them. She said they didn’t dare spoil it and they kept that apartment as their secret hideaway. Enos asks that she’s been there all this time. She says when everything collapsed and Roger died, she moved there. Enos mentions the inscription on the locket and she says that Roger gave her that locket and that’s why it’s so important to her. Enos says he’s just a plain old sharecropper and green as a board, but his partner Turk knows the streets and between them they will do something, even if it’s wrong. She says it’s a great comfort.

Turk and Enos visit her, informing her they found her locket. She serves them tea, asking that if they found it, why can’t she have it. Enos explains it’s being held as evidence. She huffs and Enos explains that there is a juvenile gang ran by ‘Mr. Fagen’ and the locket was taken by one of the kids in the gang. Turk says it could lead them to the kid Banjo who took the locket. She asks that if they get Banjo she can get her locket back. Enos says yes and she says it’s simple. She says the kids are knocking over old people in that area. She says she’s an actress with some old clothes and make up. She says she can pass for an old lady, surprising them. The proposes that she goes out as a decoy and then they can nab the same boy. She then pours Enos some tea. Enos protests and she says it’s like a scene from one of her old films called ‘The Lure’. She says Claude Bargen played the evil genius. Enos asks how it turned out and she stands up, thinking for a moment before saying she was killed. She gets more food for them and Enos and Turk rush over, protesting but she says she is going to get that locket with them or without them and besides, she is the only one who knows what Banjo looks like.

For the next two days, she walks around the streets while Turk and Enos follow her, trying to find Banjo. After nothing happening, she passes Enos and Turk while they are talking to Bigalow, telling them she will try the other side of the park and for them to stay close.

While walking in the park, she hears firecrackers go off just as Banjo comes running out and grabbing her purse. She screams, trying to keep her purse but the boy succeeds. She curses, saying ‘damn’ multiple times until Turk and Bigalow check on her, asking if she’s okay. She snaps of course she is okay and Turk leaves. Bigalow stops, addressing her as lady before asking to see her badge. Her and Bigalow sit in the park and she tells him about her movie career, even saying she had a small role in a movie called ‘Birth of a Nation’. Bigalow cuts her off and asks how she got involved with Enos and Turk, to which she says she’s coming to that. She then tells him about her career again, saying ‘when D.W. Griffen spotted me, he said ‘that’s a star’”. She says her mother protested against it and she said why not. She then asks if Bigalow is wearing a hair piece.

When Banjo’s court hearing comes around, she attends sitting next to Banjo. When the judge brings up the petition of guardianship she explains ‘that’s mine your honor’ and Enos explains she was the victim. She says people sometimes do meet in the strangest ways. The judge grants both petitions and tells Banjo to make it work. She says she isn’t sure if it will work but she knows it will be better for both of them. When Enos and Turk talk to Banjo, she makes Banjo address them as ‘Sir’ before he calls her ma’am. Her and Banjo leave, saying she will take him to get a pizza and tell him stories about old Hollywood. Before leaving she turns back, giving Enos and Turk a wink.